April 14, 2021


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Rely on rickshaw-autorickshaw or own car to reach the destination

The lockdown has started from 6 am on Monday. The traffic in the capital was much less in the morning than in other days. Public transport (bus) was not seen on the road. However, there was an excess of rickshaws and CNG-powered autorickshaws along the road. Private cars were also seen moving. Markets or shopping malls are closed as announced.

However, in some areas Laguna has been seen to transport passengers. The buses that are running are under the management of one or the other office.

Niaz Mahmud left his house a little earlier today for his office in Segunbagicha from 11:30 in Mirpur. “Today is the first day of the lockdown,” he said. I was a little skeptical about how to get to the office. That’s why I left the house earlier. ‘Asked if there was a problem to go, Niaz said,’ No, there was no problem. On the contrary, I reached the office before the scheduled time as there was less traffic on the road. Niaz said he had seen some young men standing on motorcycles near his house as usual. They took passengers in ‘khape’.

Sabrina Haque’s office in Khilgaon is at Bangla Motor. It is a private organization. He came to the office in a rickshaw from home. “I didn’t see much of an impact,” he said. There are no buses on the road. Apart from this, everything is the same as before. According to him, the concept of ‘limited’ office is not clear. If the office is open, all the officers and employees are required. Because no office can carry extra people.

The capital’s raw markets are crowded. However, the crowd is a bit less than other days.

The traffic constable on duty at Sonargaon intersection of Karwan Bazar said that today is the first day of lockdown. Due to this many people do not understand the issue of travel. So there are more rickshaws on the main road. Those who used to travel by bus got on rickshaws.

Iqbal Mahmud came to Farmgate area from Kuril. Arrived in private car. He said the traffic pressure on the road is much less. Due to this it took less time to come. He added that people are going out. He has doubts about the effectiveness of the lockdown.

Some Laguna was seen walking on the 80 feet road in Mirpur area. 10 to 12 passengers are getting up in these lagoons. A Laguna driver said he got out. If not, how will the income. “The work is not stopped,” said a passenger in the Laguna. Somehow I have to go to work. It is not possible for everyone to use CNG for safety. And everyone’s office will arrange the car – that’s not it. ‘
About 13 months ago, coronavirus infection was detected in the country. Then the government quickly declared a general holiday to deal with the situation. The holiday, which began on March 26 last year, lasted for seven days. A year later, the government has taken a similar decision to deal with the infection situation.
At this time people’s work and movement will be strictly under control. Almost everything will be closed except emergency services. No public transport will run. Aircraft will not fly inland.

However, even during the lockdown, a limited number of offices are open for emergency work. In this case, the government has asked each organization to bring its employees to the office in its own system. Similarly, industrial and construction work can be continued on the condition of bringing and taking workers. The cabinet department issued a notification on Sunday imposing various restrictions. However, the word ‘lockdown’ was not used in the notification. However, in Parliament yesterday, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina called the seven days of the general holiday “lockdown”.

A total of 11 instructions have been mentioned in the notification of the cabinet department. District and field administrations across the country will take effective steps to implement these guidelines. For this, the law enforcement forces will intensify regular patrols. The notification said that strict action will be taken against those who disobey the instructions. Last year, the armed forces were deployed to assist the civilian administration in dealing with the transition situation during the general holiday.

Which is closed, which is open
A notification has been issued in the Cabinet Division saying that subject to conditions, a ban has been imposed on the overall activities and movement from 8 am today to 12 noon on April 11. All types of public transport (road, rail, sea, domestic flights) will be closed at this time. However, this order will not be applicable in case of transportation of goods, production system and emergency services. The ban will also not apply to expatriates and people from abroad.

However, the notification did not mention whether there would be any obstruction if a relative came from abroad or took a car to the airport while going abroad.

Notification of law enforcement and emergency services, such as: relief distribution, healthcare, electricity, water, gas or fuel, fire service, activities of ports (land ports, river ports and seaports), telephone and internet, postal service and other emergency and essential goods and services. Their employees and vehicles will be outside the scope of the ban.

According to the order, all government, semi-government, autonomous offices and courts and private offices will be able to bring a limited number of manpower required for emergency work to and from the office under their own transport management. Factories and construction work will also continue. Industrial workers have to be brought and taken under their own transport management. BGMEA and BKMEA will have to set up ‘field hospitals’ or treatment facilities for workers in industrial areas.

The Armed Forces Department will also take necessary steps to set up a ‘Field Hospital’ at a convenient place in Dhaka.

Urgent work from 6 pm to 6 am (buying medicines, daily necessities, medical treatment)

You cannot go out of the house in any way without service, burial or burial. Only food can be sold and supplied in food shops and hotels-restaurants. Under no circumstances can you eat sitting in a hotel-restaurant.

Other stores, including shopping malls, will remain closed. However, wholesale and retail products can be bought and sold online. However, in this case, the employees must follow the hygiene rules and no buyer can go physically.

According to the government order, raw materials and daily necessities can be traded in open space from 8 am to 4 pm in compliance with hygiene rules. The banking system will continue to operate to a limited extent.

According to Bangladesh Bank, banking transactions will run from 10 am to 12 noon according to the new schedule. The bank will be open till 2 pm to complete post-transaction ancillary activities. Yesterday, Bangladesh Bank issued a notification with this decision.

Judicial activities of the Appellate and High Court divisions of the Supreme Court will be conducted in a limited range of virtual presence in the lockdown. The effectiveness of all interim orders, including bail, has been extended to two weeks, the Supreme Court said in a statement. In addition, the activities of the Chief Judicial Magistrate and Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Court will be limited. And at this time it has been decided not to run other lower court activities.

Liaquat Ali, a medical scientist, told Prothom Alo about the seven-day government ban to prevent the infection. Second, some of the issues here are vague and contradictory. Because, how can people go to those places if public transport is closed leaving some issues open? Again, we have to see what will be the livelihood of the working people.