April 17, 2021


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Unique fighter for cultural liberation

Today is the 88th birth anniversary of eminent writer-artist, gifted culture-saint Sanjay Jida Khatun. He is also a great creator in Atashi. This time some of his new books have been published centering on the book fair. From the first publication, the book titled Cultural Liberation Struggle was published a few days ago on the occasion of the golden jubilee of the war of liberation and attracted the attention of the readers. Apart from this, biographies, piece writing jumps, boy Robi’s deeds, Kishore Samagra etc. have come out from various publications. Along with his own book, he wrote the autobiography of journalist-politician-writer Ranesh Maitra. He has to stay at home all the time due to the prevalence of corona, but his stay does not mean retirement; That’s what I think when I look at his teaching in Chayanat’s online classes.


The war of liberation is back in the writings of Sanjida Khatun. Ekattar is the name of an ongoing topic in his writings based on the lines of memory and consciousness.

The recently published Cultural Liberation Struggle (first edition, March 2021) contains his memoirs of the Liberation War, an authentic history of the cultural struggle of the Bengalis and his personal thoughts on the Liberation War.

From the procession of Bayanna language till today, Sanjeeda Khatun is an energetic explorer of progress. Ekushey ‘gave him language’, the intellectual-cultural movement throughout the sixties of the last century sharpened him and Ekattar taught him to fight and win in the face of hostile forces. Sanjeeda Khatun is the name of a cultural revolt in the anti-Bengali and anti-Bengali Pakistani period of this land. The cultural organization Chayanat was formed by the hard work, talent and commitment of Sanjida and her comrades-in-arms. At the opposite time, he played a leading role in creating the cultural ground of the Bangladesh movement by engaging in the struggle for the development and establishment of Bengali culture, including the celebration of Bengali New Year and Rabindranath Tagore centenary celebrations at the base of Ramna. The Pakistani rulers did not have to endure so much; So, as a punishment, Sanjida, a one-time college teacher, was transferred from Dhaka to Rangpur, but she is not a man to be discouraged. He took the cultural voice of the grassroots as the logistics of his future grand path.

Cultural liberation struggle
Sanjeeda Khatun. First publication
Cultural liberation struggle Sanjeeda Khatun. First publication
In the war of liberation of 1971, in the Great March, first from Rangpur to Dhaka, then from Jirab village of Savar to Dhaka and again through Comilla border, Sanjida Khatun and her cultural comrades reached Agartala state of India. He entered Calcutta on 5 May and started a cultural war in exile in support of the war of liberation. The Muktisangrami Shilpi Sangstha was formed with him as president and Mahmudur Rahman Benu as general secretary. In his own words, it was an initiative to raise money for the liberation war, as well as to properly present the history and situation of Bangladesh. The revolutionary-rebellious tunes of the freedom-loving artists of Bangladesh spread in the streets of Kolkata in 1971, even when they went to distant Delhi, they exposed to the international community the brutality of the Pakistani hyenas over the miserable East Bengal. Inspired by these initiatives, Sanjida Khatun was not at the forefront. He is going. Our respect to him.


Sanjida Khatun thinks that the liberation war is going on because the overall liberation of the common man is still elusive. Every Boishakh, with whom we join hands, we hold fast to this expectation of ‘being cleansed in the fire bath’; In the voice of that Sanjida Khatun, in the tune of the oath, we sing the song of the establishment of Bangladesh in 1971 on the golden jubilee of the war of liberation:

‘The struggle of 1971 is not over …. a long time has passed and it is floating in the opposite direction. Now you have to swim with your face turned backwards. Today we have to take a hard oath to return to the mainstream of freedom by resisting the current of wasted time. ‘

Happy Birthday Sanjeeda Khatun.