April 17, 2021


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The ‘tender’ fee for contractors is Tk 33 crore

No money – the contractor kept work off in this excuse. Chittagong City Corporation (Chaki) gave the contractor from another project to another project by showing ‘targets’. Again, two contract organizations took the bank loan. The job bill is to pay the check bank. But without doing so, two contractors were directed by Tk 25 crore. This irregularity caught in the late January of this year. The city is suffering because the project is not implemented at the scheduled time.

City Corporation has advanted the consequences of the contractors in the important development projects of Chittagong city. Contractors have left the money in the middle of the money. The project is two of the construction of port connecting (PC) road development and construction of dams and roadside beside the Mahaesh canal. The cost of implementing the project was estimated at Tk 219 crore. Now the Corporation has canceled the order.

The situation with two projects run by Japan’s donor agency JICA funding. The Divisional case has been filed against the Chief Accounting Officer Mohammad Saifuddin on this incident. The complexity has been made about how this 33 crore taka provided by the contractors. An official of the corporation said in the first light that 33 crore liability is now the city corporation.

The city corporation mayor said that any irregularities will not be tolerated. Rezaul Karim Chowdhury Recently at the Mayor’s office
He said in the first light, he is aware of the issue of directly issued by the bank instead of the bank in compliance with the rules. But do not know the issue of advance money.


In the hands of the bank’s check contractor
Due to transportation of goods across the country from Chittagong port, the city’s lifeline is called Port Connecting (PC) Road. Messers Rana Builders and Messers Rana Builders and Messers Rana Builders and Messers Rana Builders and Messers Rana Builders and Messers Rana Builders and Messers Rana Builders and Messers Rana Builders and Messers Rana Builders, received two parts of the road. The project worked all the work of the project ‘Saleh Ahmad’. Piratrapur Union Awami League president and UP chairman Zakir Hossain of the owner of the owner of Comilla’s Burichang upazila.

For this purpose, two organizations took loans from Comilla branch of United Commercial Bank Limited. This loan was given on the basis of the consent of city corporation. This was the condition of the bank representatives of the bank’s representatives instead of checking contractors. The condition of the condition, on February 14, 2018, the Chief Accounting Officer of City Corporation told UCBL FVP and Head of Branch. But the City Corporation itself broke these conditions and handed over 14 checks of Tk 25 crore directly. These checks are given from August 2018 to June 2019. At that time City Mayor was the general secretary of the city Awami League, Nahcir Uddin.

When contacted, a senior official of the bank said in the mobile phone that the city corporation accounts and engineering department were given a letter in March about the checks. But no answer was found yet. However, the check contractor taken from City Corporation did not submit it to the bank. Meanwhile, the contractors were not found even after trying to communicate. Zakir Hossain calls on mobile phones and sent messages, but he did not respond.

City Corporation Chief Accounting Officer Mohammad Saifuddin claimed to the first light that the contractors were directly checked in the approval of the Supreme Authority of City Corporation. The engineering department also recommended. He was forced to obey the instructions.

Asked about the first light in the first light, the contractual institution faced financial losses due to the increase in the prices of the construction materials. For the sake of finishing the construction of the road, the contractor has been checked directly on the basis of discussion with everyone related to the construction of the road. Now how the money will be collected from the contractor, the former mayor said.

City Corporation sources said that there were regular money, but the establishment was about two jobs. At least three-point time was extended to finish the work of the city’s important road. But now only 60 percent of the progress of the job. The project expires in May 2019. There was no statement found in contact with the contractors with the contractors.

Work JICA, the money gave money
Maheshkhal is one of the reasons for the huge area with Agrabad, Halishahar, Gosaildanga in Chittagong city. A project of Tk 41 crore was taken to build dams and roads on both sides of this canal.

The contractor Moinuddin Bamshi was given eight crore taka from Moinuddin Bamshi project to finish the work of the JICA funding. On 30 April 2019, this money was given in Agrabad branch of Agrani Bank. In this way, a project has questioned the advance of another project contractor, the audit directorate. The Directorate asked to respond to this issue. An official of the accounting department said that this money was not yet deposited in the Corporation’s fund. However, the mayor of the then Mayor, claimed that he did not know the issue of money from another project in another project.

The contractor Moinuddin was given the work of this work on December 3, 2017. Time is given up to June 2019. After the scheduled time, more than 21 months. But only 70 percent of the progress of work. Although the mobile phone was contacted, the contractor Moinuddin was not found.

Attention on these two incidents, Sanak-TIB editor Akhtar Kabir Chowdhury in the first lightIt is said that these irregularities are involved in the contractors of a category of city corporations with the contractors. The officials were financially beneficial in this. The new mayor will have to deal with these irregularities tightly.