April 17, 2021


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Alliance partners like AL ‘Hifazat Policy’

The leaders of the alliance believes that there is a wrong message in the world about Bangladesh in Golden Jubilee of independence.
In the custody of the government’s flexible policy, the affiliate 14-party alliance parties, led by Awami League. The leaders of the alliance believe that the government is not politically politically, it has been a compromise with Hefajat through the administrative system, which is harming progressive politics. Alliance leaders have said to continue opposing direct or strategic negotiations directly or strategically with Hefajat.

Talking to the leaders of 14 party parties, this attitude of the alliance has been reported. The coalition sources say that due to the situation, the alliance has not had a formal meeting. Day-based virtual discussion meeting has been done. As a result, the affiliates are not getting the opportunity to highlight their speech. Out of Awami League, other partners of the alliance are trying to highlight their position in personal communication. Some people have expressed distinct positions of their team outside the alliance. The argument of the partners is that every leader of Islam in Hefazat is politics. Their politics is against the 14-party policy-ideals.

Hefazat-e-Islam is challenging the state. But the government is still in the policy of compromise
Rashed Khan Menon, President, Bangladesh Workers Party
On March 29, 14-party virtual discussion meeting was held on the occasion of the Government of Independence on March 29. According to the Workers Party President Rashed Khan Menon, some of the leaders of the party and the recent violence and strikes of Hifazat took the context of Hifazat. The opinitarian gives the opinion for no compromise with Hefajat.


The coalition sources say that after the incident of Shapla Chattar in 2013, the government formed a part of a part of Hefazat-e-Islam as part of the strategy. After the founder Amir Allama Ahmad Shafi died and the formation of the new committee, the leaders of Hefajat lose control over the organization. Now the government can also create contact with a part of the current leadership of Hefazat, but it does not matter that 14 team leaders believe

Recently, the government has taken anarchy in different places including Brahmanbaria, the government is very important. This anarchy will suppress harsh hand
Hasan Mahmud, Information and Broadcasting Minister
Alliance sources say that the leaders of the government says BNP-Jamaat has been behind the recent violence of Hefajat. But why not be a case against the main leaders of Hefajat in the question of the Awami League’s alliance. Earlier, the government has removed the sculpture from the Supreme Court premises, which was still creating discomfort among the 14-party coordinates.

Bangladesh’s Workers Party President Rashed Khan Menon said in the first light that Hefazat-e-Islam was challenging the state. But the government is still in a compromise policy. This type of government does not go with the spirit of the liberation war, 14 teams. He said, since 2013, Hifazat is standing as a Umbrella of Hifazat communal and fundamentalist politics. The government did not hear it. Although not politically politically, the government has been accompanied by Hefajat through the state machinery and administration.

The reporter talked with more than one-party leaders of the alliance. They demanded to sever all the negotiations of the government with Hefajat. In the first light on condition of anonymity of a leader of the partition of the partition and the name of the MP, said that there was a foreign in the government that the custody was kept under control. But in the world, there was a violent incident during the visit of the Golden Jubilee of Independence and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in the world that the anti-governmental power in Bangladesh is Islamist violent groups.

14-party Jatiya Party (JP) Secretary General Sheikh Shahidul Islam said in the first light that there is a politics of Hefazat-e-Islam. But the opposite of the Awami League and 14 team’s political perspective. Awami League government is in power. 14 team’s partner. As a result, there is no chance of negotiations with different types of different ideology or with them. There is no reason to keep strategic relationships. This will benefit Hefajat.

On the basis of 23 rounds, the 14-party alliance was formed under the leadership of Awami League in 2004. The sources of the alliance say that the program was celebrated on the basis of non-communal, progressive and liberation war. But after the election came, Awami League tried to lean towards the power of the religion. In 2006, five-point agreement with the first Khilafat Majlish. After being one-eleven situation and national elections, Awami League came out of the agreement.

According to 14-party sources, some of the partners were opposed to the 14 groups of the Federation of the Federation. But the Awami League and two partners took the situation in favor of taking the alliance. Later, the Awami League was also developed with Zak’s party. Before the 2018 national elections, the Awami League wanted to include a group called Islamic Front Bangladesh 14 groups.

It did not go anymore due to opposition to the alliance’s partners. However, in front of the election, Awami League developed a compromise with many group-based groups.

The government has tried to negotiate with custody of different times – the Awami League Joint General Secretary and Information and Broadcasting Minister Hasan Mahmud has to discuss the government in the first light about the first light in the first light. Khaleda Zia discussed with them after August 15. There was also discussions with Hefazat-e-Islam. However, it is a

Bei Ashkara can not be called.

The information minister said the government has taken a great deal of anarchy in different places including Brahmanbaria recently. This anarchy will suppress harsh hand.