April 15, 2021


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The High Court activities will run in limited-range, the judicial activities of the lower court will be closed

The incidence of Cargo Judicial Magistrate (CMM) and Chief Metropolitan Magistrate (CMM) courts have been limited to seven days from Monday. As well as decided not to run other low court activities.

At the same time, the judicial activities of the High Court Division will be conducted in limited range. This information was informed in a notification signed by the Registrar of the Supreme Court High Court Division Golam Rabbani.

In relation to the High Court’s trial, the Supreme Court notification says that tomorrow, a division bench of the writings, civil and criminals related to the Rituals and Criminals on April 5, and another bench of the company and the admiral will accept virtual hearing.

In the context of the Lower Court’s trial, the Supreme Court’s notification is said that in the context of the taxation of the Coronavirus, the activities of CGM and CMM courts have been limited till 11 April. Decision to not conduct all other subordinate courts and tribunal activities.

However, due to constitutional obligations, CGM and CMM will conduct the trial by following the magistrate hygiene by one of the CGRs.

It is also said in the notification that the functionality of bail and interim order has been increased two weeks of bail and interim order in those cases that have been given bail to the accused for a specific time in the case. The Supreme Court has ordered not to leave the workplace of all judges and court employees working in the subordinate court.
Police will be in the field to implement government directives to prevent taxation of Coronavirus infection. In a press release, it was reported from the police headquarters on Sunday.

It is said in the press release that by the Inspector General of Police Benazir Ahmed Video Conference, all the metropolitan, ranges and district police super officers should be implemented in how to implement government guidelines. During the meeting of the responsibilities, the Inspector General of Police officers to comply with the appropriate hygiene of the police officers and forces.


IGP Benazir Ahmed said that in the last year, there will be a market to sit open or open space. The shops where the shops are open, should ensure hygiene. Anyone from abroad will be sure to ensure 14 days quarantine. Police will identify their location if necessary. Emergency services, industrial factories and garments will be open. Public transport will be closed. However, the transport of goods transporter will remain normal. The Inspector General of Police has ordered the police to perform a zealous role in these issues.

The IGP also emphasized that the common people follow the instructions, not to encourage the force without applying force.