April 15, 2021


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Health insurance must be ensured to reach healthcare to everyone

Health insurance must be ensured to reach healthcare to everyone in Bangladesh. According to the government to provide health insurance according to their respective income according to their respective income, the concerned people also urged private entrepreneurs along with the government.

The speakers called on Sunday from an international virtual seminar titled ‘Accessible Health Care for All and Payment System’ on Sunday. Bangla Interventional Therapeutics (BIT) organized this seminar.
During the situation in the country, BIT has organized multiple international virtual conferences in various warning related issues including medical treatment. At the same time, the organization has continued to provide services to the heart patients with telemedicine.

Prime Minister’s Economic Adviser Mashiur Rahman was the chief guest at Seminar. Professor Afzalur Rahman, a former director of the National Heart Institute and Hospital (BIT) chairman of the National Heart Institute and Hospital (BIT) of Bangla Interventional Therapeutics (BIT), as the main coordinator. As a discussion, the chairman of the United States Intel’s chairman and Milatronic CEO Omar Ishraq and Professor of Dhaka University’s Institute of Health Economics, Syed Abdul Hamid. Panel negotiator Ahsan M Mansur, Managing Director of Policy Research Institute of Bangladesh, Managing Director of Green Delta Insurance and CEO Farzana Chowdhury, former Director of National Heart Institute and Hospital Professor AA Shafi Majumder, Professor of Biodiversity Department of Dhaka University Chairman Abdul Moktas, Vice President of Pharmacy Council Mosaddek Hossain, the Secretary of the Daily Homeland and the convener of Bangladesh Secretary Rafiqul Islam, acting editor of Samakal Mustafiz Shafi.
Many people chose the launcher to travel to Munshiganj from the capital. Most of the passengers, who left the MV Rabit al-Hasan, left from Narayanganj Launchghat on Sunday evening on Sunday evening, Munshiganj Sadar resident of Munshiganj Sadar. After the launch of the launch of the third Shitalakshya bridge, the people gathered in Munshiganj Launchghat in search of missing relatives. Narayanganj Fire Service sources said that the bodies of five women passengers of the drowning launch were recovered from 11:30 pm.

Some of the survivors of the drowning launch were brought to Munshiganj Launchghat. One of their apprenticeship doctors Shayer Ahmed (25) said that his internship in the capital’s Bangladesh Medical Mechanic is going on. His house in Munshiganj city canalyist area. Every day, at the end of the duty of the hospital, in Narayanganj on the bus, Munshiganj came to Launch. In Launch, it takes 45 minutes from Narayanganj to Munshiganj. On Sunday evening, he rose to a small launch of Rabit Al Hasan. The vessel pushed a bulkhead from behind when the ship came to the Muktarpur bridge. The launch of it was tilted. Ahmed of the doctor Shayer Ahmed jumped in the pants, clothes, shoes and jumped in the river. Then there was a while for the bridge pillar under construction. Later he was rescued.

Ahmed, the survival, said that another day there are 50 to 60 passengers in the launch. But on Sunday evening, there were hundreds of passengers in the launch. Many people returned to Munshiganj village due to lockdown.

Munshiganj Lanchaghat gave the leaseholders, Mohammad Company said that the launch was more passenger than the other day. He said the passenger in the launch of the other day is somewhat less. The passenger was more than that on Sunday. The launch was coming properly. From behind the back of the bulkhead drowning. Most of the passengers of the launch are in the resident of Munshiganj.