April 15, 2021


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Launch in the storm, more than two hundred passengers

A launch of MV Nur E-Ayesha, a launch of MV Nur E-Ayesha, and a launch of MV Nur-e-Ayasa, and a half-passenger in the Padma bridge area of ​​Shimulia waterways in Madaripur. The driver stopped the passenger and the launch of the passenger and the launch in the surrounding leg. The launch authorities claimed that there were 80 passengers in the launch, but the passengers said that there are more than 200 passengers in the launch.

According to the BIWTA and traffic police sources, on Sunday evening, the launch left for Shimulia Ghat with more than two hundred passengers from Launchghat of Bangla Bazar on Sunday evening. The launch reached the storm when reaching China Channel area on the south side of the Padma bridge. At that time, the launch of the launch of the launch of the launch of the launch of the launch of the lunch, and the launch of the launch was Dobber. If the driver launches the passenger and launch can be protected from a major danger.

The passenger of the launch. Abdul Arafat Abdullah said the launch was going well. When the storm started in the Padma Bridge area, the launch of the launch of the launch of the launch of the launch of the launch. If the launch of the launch of the launch, the driver launches the launch of the side. Later, more than two hundred passengers were trapped in the launch.

Launch Engine Master. Elahi said that sudden storm increased the speed of waves in the river. The water entered the launch engine room. So the launch is kept in the grazing. There was no loss of passengers.

BIWTA Madaripur’s Bangla Bazar Ghat Inspector Akter Hossain said two launches were sent to rescue passengers stuck. All passengers have come safely.

Traffic police inspector of Bangla Bazar Ghat. In the first light of Ashikur Rahman, the launch was recovered at 9pm. The passengers have also reached their respective destinations. There was no loss for little.
Awami League joint general secretary and information and broadcasting Minister Hasan Mahmud urged madrasa teachers to boycott the lost and hypocrite leadership. On Sunday noon, in response to a question after talking to journalists in the ministry of information and broadcasting at the Secretariat on Sunday, he said this while talking about a question.

Hassan Mahmud said, “Mamunul Haque, including the leaders who carried out chaos in the country, caused chaos, caused chaos, Brahmanbaria, Dhaka, Narayanganj, Chittagong, and the leaders of Hefazat-e-Islam, do not know how they feel. But I am very shame in the incident of Mamunul Haque yesterday’s incident. ‘

Information Minister also said, “I will request the teachers of the country as a citizen and a Muslim, identifying the teachers of madrassas as a scholar, who uses Islam in his own interest, gives a lot of fatwas, gives hot-hot lectures, and manage their own life Islamic No, to boycott those ruins and hypocrites. ”


Hasan Mahmud also said, “When the people of Hefajat are being burned in the banner of Hefajat, chaos in Dhaka-Chittagong-Narayanganj are being created in Dhaka-Chittagong-Narayanganj, when the proficiency of the title is to fire his work on the bus and support Gayeshwar Roy, then it should be understood that it protects Islam Or not for custody, not about the arrival of Narendra Modi, but to make a chaos in the country for political purpose by using religion.

Information and broadcasting Minister only said about the network management, “The country has become digital. Only the network system must be digital. Otherwise, customers are not getting proper services. Television channels are being damaged. The government is not getting the revenue. This network can not be collective by some special people. ‘
The minister said that 1,200 licenses have already been canceled due to renewal, the minister said that new operators will get the license in terms of debut in digital system.
Chittagong City Corporation (Virtue) Mayor. Rezaul Karim Chowdhury said that the city corporation’s emergency services will be started during the lockdown. Specially cleanliness activities, enlightenment, road reform, hospital-health center will continue to be treated.

Rezaul Karim announced this in a meeting meeting held at the temporary head office of City Corporation on Sunday in the city’s Tigerpus on Sunday morning. Mayor with this meeting with the departmental and branch heads in the current circumstances of the Coronavirus infection.

Mayor Rezaul Karim commented that the lockdown has no respite to remember the general holiday. He said, there is no scope for negligence. Was neglected before.

Before the start of the monsoon season, the work of removing the restriction of the painting and removal of garbage of the dry-sewer and canal will be ongoing, mayor said.