April 17, 2021


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United States of the United States from Saudi Arabia

The United States has started reconstruction of military capabilities in the Gulf region. The country has removed at least three Patriot missile definition (system) from the region.

US officials told the Wall Street Journal on Thursday that at least one missile system was removed from the Prince Sultan Airfield of Saudi Arabia. Yemen and Iraq have to be repeatedly racket and drone attacks in Saudi Arabia.

In this situation, the issue of removing US military equipment may be a cause for worrying for the country. The Wall Street Journal says, in addition to the anti-missile system, the United States has also removed the Middle East from the Middle East. As it has been said that these tools will need them in other places. So they have plans to withdraw more military equipment from the Middle East.

The issue of removal of Middle East military equipment from the US Defense Office was not confirmed. However, it has been said that they are evaluating the allocation of US resources around the world.

The Wall Street Journal says, removing military equipment from the Gulf region means that thousands of soldiers will be withdrawn from there. In the end of 2020, there were 50 thousand US troops in the region. During the tension between the United States and Iran in 2018, 90,000 soldiers were present in the region.

Pentagon spokesman Commander Jessica El McNal said, “We continue to strategic methods for the allocation of the forces not to talk about any specific ability and regularly adjusted for various reasons.”

In February, the Pentagon was announced to review the posture of military footprints, strategies and missions of their army in the world according to President Joe Biden’s order.

Former US President Donald Trump has a close relationship with Saudi Arabia, but Joe Biden has indicated to bring changes to Washington with Riyadh.

US Foreign Ministry spokesman Need Price said, “They want to strengthen the defensive system because there is a threat to Saudi Arabia from different areas including Yemen. Biden administration is committed to working jointly with Saudi Arabia. There are many fields, where we are interested in strategic cooperation with Riyadh. ‘

Need Price also said, “We want to cooperate with the defense of Saudi Arabia against the aggression. Yemen wants to take other challenges, including the end of the war. ‘

In January, after the Biden Administration came to power, Yemen was working to stop war. In addition to the assassination of journalist Jamal Khasogi in Turkey’s Saudi Consulate in Turkey, Jatiya Yuvraj Mohammad Bin Salman convicted a detective report in front of the Biden administration. Some of the senas will also be removed.