April 14, 2021


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‘I am responsible for closing the Suez Canal’

The event of last month. The whole world knows that the news of the supervised Suez canal for global trade. Marwa El Selahdha was working in Alexandria several hundred miles away from the Suez Canal. From there, Marwa learned that he was responsible for closing this canal!

British Media BBC reported that Marwa is on the way to the first woman of the commercial ship in Egypt. Since the Suez canal is closed, rumors spread in the world’s online world that the canal has been closed due to Marwa El Salahdar. The jot of the ship has been created.

Marwa said, ‘I became astounded.’ At that time he was working on a ship of Iida Four. The ship is owned by Egypt’s sea security authority. It was working to supply supplies in a lighthouse of the Red Sea.

According to the news agency Reuters report, on 23 March, the container ship ‘Ever Givan’ was stuck in the Suez area in the morning local time on March 23. Taiwan’s organization operator Evergreen Marine Corporation said the ship was crossing the Suez Canal. At that time the ship loses control of strong wind and dust. At one stage, the narrow suise can be trapped around the area. Suez Canal stopped. The awful ship was created.

According to the BBC report, Fake News fell in the incident Marwa. Various screenshots of false information spread in the virtual world. He spreads with his picture. False news and pictures are spreading from various fake accounts on Facebook and Twitter. It is said that Marwa is responsible for closing the Suez Canal.

A ship stuck in Suez Khale
A ship stuck in Suez Khale: AFP
29-year-old Marwa said that he did not know where to spread the first news from where. He has no idea about why it was spread. Marwa said, ‘I think that I have become a target because of a successful woman in this sector. Or I have been in Egypt. But I’m not sure. ‘

But the woman is facing the first time, Marwa is not the same. Earlier, he had faced obstacles in different stages of life. Especially the number of women in the ship’s sailors is very low. International Maritime Organization has said that only two percent of the sailors working in the world.

Marwa said that he always likes the sea. He chose the voice of the commercial vessel by seeing the brother. Although at that time the petition was accepted as a sailor in Egypt. But despite this, Marwa applied. After the permission of the then President Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, Marwa was admitted to the concerned academy. In a few days, he will take part in the final examination of the captain of the ship.

Marwa El Selahdha
Picture of Marwa El Selahdha: Courtesy of BBC
Marwa said, “Women can not accept the people of our society from far away from the family for a long time. But when you do your own choice and love, then everyone does not need permission. ‘

This woman’s sailor said that there was a fake news in the news in English and in the welfare of social media, they spread to different parts of the world. Marwa is quite anxious about his career. Because, his reputation has been damaged in this profession.

Marwa said, “My message to other women is that this profession is that you love and do not give any negative sentiments for it.”