April 17, 2021


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The third round of lockdown begins in France

France has been given a third round of lockdowns as coronavirus infections have risen at an alarming rate. Lockdown has started across the country from Saturday. At the same time morning-evening curfew has also been given.

All schools and shops in France have been closed for four weeks, according to the BBC. Curfew will be in force from 6 pm to 8 am local time every day. The number of critically ill Kovid patients in the country’s intensive care unit (ICU) rose to 145 last Friday. This is the highest number in the last five months.

French President Emmanuel Macho said efforts were being made to increase the capacity of hospitals for Kovid patients. At present, 5,000 patients are being treated in the ICU alone in the country. More than 47,000 people were newly infected with the coronavirus in France in a single day last Friday. And 304 people died that day.

The national lockdown has started in the country since Saturday. Authorities say ordinary citizens will have to show good cause if they want to travel more than 10 kilometers from next Tuesday.

Earlier, however, it was thought that France would not officially go into lockdown. But in a few days that thought had to be changed. The country is also lagging behind in the corona vaccination program. However, several types of coronavirus have already been identified in France.
Pakistan lifts ban on social media video sharing app TickTock Pakistan’s Peshawar High Court lifted the ban last Thursday on the grounds that any unethical content would be uploaded. The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) will take care of unethical content. The report will be submitted to the court on May 25.

According to Dawn, the country’s Minister of Science and Technology Fawad Chowdhury has issued a warning tweet in response to the news of the ban on Tiktak. He tweeted that the previous ban had been overturned by the Peshawar High Court. Then the future will be decided very carefully so that the future economy of Pakistan is not harmed.

Earlier, on March 11, the Peshawar High Court had ordered the PTA to stop ticketing on the allegation that tickets were being spread indecently in the video sharing app. The decision was taken by the then Chief Justice of the High Court Kaiser Rashid Khan in response to a petition against Tiktak. At the hearing, the chief justice said the videos shared on the ticket were not acceptable to Pakistani society. The youth are being severely affected. These videos are spreading obscenity. So it should be stopped immediately.