April 17, 2021


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If you don’t eat, people won’t believe anything

Corona’s first push was handling the country’s economy and trade quite well. Corona suffered the most in the second quarter (April-June) last year. From the last quarter (October-December) overall trade but almost went back to the previous level.

We were doing well, at this point the second wave of corona came even bigger. This time the business situation will be more difficult to handle. Because, one thing to keep in mind, those who were doing well, did well in Corona. And those who are in crisis, but they could not overcome the crisis.

People who lost their jobs just started getting jobs. Those who have no coronation in their family, their savings have run out for treatment. And this time the number of patients has increased a lot and people are suddenly scared.

In the current situation, we have discussed with the various departments of the company what can be done to ensure the health protection system of the workers and keep the production and sales running. We will take necessary action as per government instructions. Employees need to be energized. Steps must be taken to allay their fears.

The incentive package that the government took for business at the beginning of Corona has been very effective. At this stage, if necessary, similar incentives should be taken. My advice would be to keep production and sales running. Because, if business is not active, it will have a negative impact on people’s livelihood. If you don’t eat, people won’t believe anything.
The election of the Board of Directors of BGMEA for the term 2021-23 has been completed peacefully. In Dhaka and Chittagong, 8 percent of the voters or 1,996 people cast their votes in 10 hours. The counting started after the voting ended at 7 pm. The results will be released unofficially tonight.

In order to conduct the election smoothly in accordance with the social distance in the high contagion of the epidemic corona, the election board voting time was changed from 8 hours to 10 hours. However, hygiene was observed inside the Radisson Hotel in Dhaka but it was not possible outside. This is because a large number of supporters of the Sammilita Parishad went out in the morning to draw the attention of the voters after wearing cards around their necks. Although there were supporters of the forum, it was few. The leaders of the forum expressed their displeasure over the issue more than once.

Asked after the vote, BGMEA president Rubana Haque told Prothom Alo that the vote was good. But despite the Election Board’s ban, a lot of outsiders are coming out of the center. It is unfortunate that outside social distance could not be tolerated. “Hopefully, the new leadership of BGMEA will work better,” he added.

After eight long years, there has been a competitive vote in the BGMEA leadership election. In Dhaka and Chittagong, 70 candidates from the election-centric alliance Sammilita Parishad and Forum have contested for the post of 35 directors of the organization. Another alliance called Swadhinata Parishad is holding joint elections with the Sammilita Parishad.

In the first hour of the election, 163 votes were cast in Dhaka at the Radisson Hotel in Dhaka. Voter turnout was low in the next hour. Then again voter turnout increased. In the end, 1,604 out of 1,652 voters in Dhaka cast their votes. And out of 481 voters in Chittagong, 392 people voted. In Dhaka 8 and in Chittagong 85 percent of the votes were cast. In the last competitive election of BGMEA in 2013, 6 percent of the votes were cast.