April 14, 2021


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He was ashamed of Ronaldo’s behavior

Robin Gossen is not a big name in European football. However, Atalanta is a very important player. Since joining the Italian club in 2016, he has established himself as one of the best wingbacks in Serie A. Despite being a defender, he was one of the club’s top scorers last season. It is not easy to score 9 goals as a left wingback. This gossip made a complaint against Cristiano Ronaldo. Gocens wanted to exchange jerseys with Ronaldo once after a match against Juventus. The 26-year-old Juventus star did not find the footballer.

Gossen has revealed the incident about Ronaldo in his autobiography. In his autobiography, “Dreams and Worthweight,” Gossens said he was “ashamed” of being rejected by Ronaldo. Gosens, who has played five matches since making his debut for Germany last year, wanted to change his jersey with the Portuguese star after the match. But according to his commentary, Ronaldo vehemently refused the request. If he was ashamed after being rejected, Gosens would have fallen to the ground.

However, looking at the points table, Gosense’s grief can be reduced. Juventus is behind Atalanta in the league table. Three Atalanta with 56 points in 29 matches. Four Juventus with 56 points in 26 matches. Gossens will be happy to keep Juventus behind until the end of the season. The incident took place in the 2019 Copa Italia quarter final. Atalanta reached the semifinals by defeating Juventus 3-0. He wanted to exchange jerseys with Ronaldo after that match. “After the match with Juventus, I try to fulfill my dream,” Gosens said in his autobiography. Ronaldo wanted to get the jersey. ‘

“I went to Ronaldo at the end of the match. The celebration of victory has not started yet. But Ronaldo did not keep my request. I said to him, “Cristiano, can I have your jersey?” He didn’t even look back at me. He just turned his face away and said “no”. Ronaldo could not accept such behavior. The Juventus forward was once his role model. But after that behavior, his attitude towards Ronaldo changed. “I was very ashamed. I left the place quickly, feeling small. Everyone tries to understand if anyone has noticed when they are in a shameful situation. I went through exactly the same situation that day. ‘
Pep Guardiola was shocked the day before yesterday.

The whole of European football was then busy with Arling Harland. Alfie Holland, the father of Borussia Dortmund’s Norwegian striker, and his spokesman Mino Raiola left for Europe the day before. The news came in one minute, Raiola-Holland in Barcelona, ​​then in the next minute the news came that they were in Madrid. Then it was heard that they had also gone to London.

Harland has been playing superhuman football for a year and a half and all the clubs in Europe are desperate to get him. The name of Harland is regularly associated with those who can afford it. Needless to say, the wind that blew the whistle on his father and spokesman’s trip to Europe!

What did Guardiola do? Among the clubs that have been embroiled in controversy with Harland, where Manchester City is in the top row, the Man City coach has said that his club does not have that much money, the ability or desire to buy players for so much money or the oil-rich English club in Abu Dhabi!

But if that comes as a surprise, another piece of news in a couple of days could take you through the ‘head banging, wind blowing’ experience. In Europe, the team that does not have Guardiola’s money wants to buy a player worth Tk 1,500 crore in Bangladeshi currency. Player name? Earling Harland!

The rumor that Barcelona will fight with everything to get Harland has spread the most in the last few days. According to Spanish media, the newly elected president of the Catalan club, Juan Laporta, plans to renew Lionel Messi’s contract as well as bring Harland to the club.

Messi’s contract expires next June. Laporta also knows that in order to persuade the 33-year-old Argentine, who has spent his career in Barcelona, ​​to renew his contract, he has to make a commitment to compete in Europe and plan to live up to that promise.

That’s why Laporta wants to build a competitive team with youngsters like Harland next to Messi, as well as youngsters like De Young, Pedri, Osman Dembele. He also wants to bring in players like Giorgione Vinaldam, David Alaba and Sergio Aguero, who are set to become ‘free-agents’ next June, and bring in players from Barcelona’s famous La Masia academy.

However, Messi and Harland are at the root of all plans. If Messi retires in a few years, Laporta will make Harland the highest paid player in Bara.

There have been rumors that Real Madrid have wanted to buy Killian Mbappe of France for a couple of seasons, as well as the name of Harland. Chelsea, Manchester United are also in the race to get Harland. And Manchester City got its name for three reasons.

One. There are two clubs that will be able to spend the money to buy Harland right now, with PSG as well as Man City alone.

Two. Harland’s father, Alfie Holland, has spent much of his career in Man City.

Three. City’s Argentine striker Aguero’s contract expires at the end of this season, and Aguero has already announced that he will move elsewhere. There is Gabriel Jesus in the city as his alternative, but the city is looking for another ‘finisher’. Finland like Harland

Who else is there now?

Oh, what is the price of Harland, the question is? A few days ago, news came that Dortmund have decided that the interested team will have to spend 150 million or 150 million Euros to buy him at the end of this season.


But the day before yesterday, Guardiola’s words sounded the opposite. ‘Listen, if the price is so high, we won’t buy a striker with that much money. We don’t have that much money. It’s impossible. Can’t be “All the clubs are suffering financially now, and we are no exception,” Guardiola told a news conference on Friday.

Guardiola also gave a detailed explanation of why Aguero would not buy another striker as a substitute for him if he left. We have a lot of great players in the main team now, we also have a lot of attractive footballers in the academy. And we’ve played “False Nine” in a lot of matches. Given the current state of affairs around the world, the financial crisis in football, it is very likely that we will not buy a striker. ‘

But the English media is saying different things again today. Guardiola’s ‘poor’ CTO is coming to compete with Bar -a-Real for Harland worth Rs 1,500 crore. The Daily Star says that even if it has to spend 150 million euros, the city will do it with a smile.

In the end, if Harland bought CTE, two things would happen. Either the credibility of Guardiola’s words will be questioned. Otherwise, the meaning of the words ‘poor’, ‘no money’ will have to be changed.