April 15, 2021


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Fakhar’s record was not won by Pakistan

The second highest score of a team with a target of 342 runs is 31. There are three who, his score is 19. There is no interest in such a match. Everyone has to wait until the last over to know who is the winner! Fakhar Zaman played such an innings in one record after another. Fakhar fought alone – but this innings cannot be described. Incredibly, the end of the innings was a great event.

Aiden Markram dismissed Fakhar in a straight throw from long off. In the second ODI of the series in Johannesburg today, Fakhr had to chase down and lose with an incredible innings of 193 runs. Pakistan were bowled out for 324 in reply to South Africa’s 341. However, who will win in the words of this match, who will go to think about it. This match is for Fakhar Zaman only today or for the eternal future.

16 fours and 10 sixes in 155 balls. Fakhr scored 193 runs out of 324 runs. 59.56 percent of the team’s runs came from his bat. There is no record of contributing so much to the team’s run in an innings for Pakistan. In a one-time world record 194-run innings, Saeed Anwar scored 59.32 per cent against India. That record of 24 years is gone today. Of course, when it comes to records, Fakhar is not just stuck in the borders of the country.

Fakhar played the highest run innings on South African soil. Shortly after that record, he set a world record for chasing runs. Shane Watson single-handedly scored 165 in 2011 after chasing 230 against Bangladesh. After rewriting the personal highest innings in the second innings of the ODIs, when Fakhr looked set to turn it into his first double century, Fakhar was strangely run out. Another Bangladesh-related world record survived.

Charles Coventry sat next to Saeed Anwar’s world record since being unbeaten on 194 at Bulawayo in 2009. But still his team did not win that day. Today, Fakhar came up with two runs in the record of highest runs for the losing team by 193 runs.

Fakhar’s innings made the match like this. Otherwise, the match seemed to end after the first innings. The failure of the top order batsmen in the first match of the series was due to the loss of South Africa. Today almost everyone was on fire. Quinton de Kock (60) and captain Temba Bavuma (92) laid the groundwork. Aiden Markram (39) also started the innings with a positive start.

But the best two batsmen of the first match brought about three and a half hundred runs to South Africa. Rasi von der Dussen, who scored a century that day, made 60 off 36 balls today. David Miller’s unbeaten fifty innings was 28 balls. South Africa made 341 runs for 6 wickets.

Imam-ul-Haq left in the second over to reply. After the departure of Babar Azam (31) with an average of 63 runs, the Proteas may have been sure of victory. After the departure of Mohammad Rizwan, leaving the team at 61, the fate of the match was decided. Pakistan lost wickets soon after. The visitors lost the fifth wicket for 120 runs. But if you accept the rate of pride!

The other end just kept fighting. Asif Ali has started with an average of 6 runs. Asif’s contribution to the sixth wicket partnership is only 19. Of course, Fakhr’s single dominance in the later pairs has become more apparent. When Asif was out, Pakistan still needed 156 runs in 16 overs. Fakhar did not find anyone as a partner. However, Pakistan needed only 56 in the last 4 overs.

Andile Fikoa also bowled brilliantly in the 48th over, allowing Pakistan to score just five runs from that over. Ellen’s next over to South Africa’s best bowler Anrikh Narkia. Fakhar also scored 13 runs from his 6 balls. The match went out of Pakistan’s hands in the 49th over. Ficoao has shown the ability to stay calm in the midst of nervousness again when it comes to his last over. Even after eating 4 in the first ball, he gave only 6 runs in that over.

The difficult task of scoring 31 runs in the last over was on Fakhr’s shoulders. He hit the first ball hard but could not take it out of the field of the long off fielder. Still ran and wanted to take two runs. Didn’t show much of a temptation to go to the striking end himself. Markram thought he would throw the ball at the edge of the bowler. But ignoring De Kock’s advice, Markram threw the ball to the wicketkeeper. Proud to run out straight throw! The match was finally resolved!

Hasnain reduced the gap by hitting three fours off the remaining five balls of the match. If the batsmen in the ninth or tenth innings had shown the ability to hit in this way, Fakhar could have brought out the match today.