April 15, 2021


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At the request of a Muslim cricketer, Chennai said ‘no’ to alcohol

It’s not that it’s new in the IPL. This is not new in international cricket. The Muslim cricketer did not put the logo of the drug related company on his jersey, his team accepted his request – such news has not been seen less! Moin Ali, a Muslim cricketer from England, and his team Chennai Super Kings (CSK) are making headlines in the IPL.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s team Chennai has accepted Moin Ali’s request. CSK has decided not to put the logo of the wine manufacturer on the English cricketer’s jersey in this year’s IPL.

Hashim Amla has made headlines many times for this reason. Whether it is South Africa, whether it is franchise cricket … The South African batsman did not accept the idea of ​​having the logo of a liquor company on his jersey anywhere. Hashim Amla has been praised many times by Islam-loving people for all these reasons.

Pakistan’s Babar Azam, Fahim Ashraf, or Imran Tahir, a fellow bureaucrat in the South African team, have followed suit.

Moin Ali is also a traveler of that path. Alcohol can never be tolerated in that way, nor can the name of alcohol be tolerated. The game is fine in the playground, but the Moin-bureaucrats are not willing to involve themselves in promoting a product that conflicts with Islam in that way.

Like Hashim Amla, Moin Ali has made headlines for that reason. Even the proudest moment of England cricket after winning the 2019 World Cup, his behavior has received less praise from Islamist people! The England cricket team played a champagne at the World Cup at Lord’s Gallery. It was the country’s first World Cup win in ODIs, and the final with New Zealand that day was the culmination of the excitement.

The two teams could not be separated even after 100 overs of 50-50, the scores of the two teams ended in a draw. The super over, which was later brought to bridge the gap, remained at parity even after the nervous breakdown. The two teams scored the same score there. In the end, England won the World Cup according to how many boundaries were scored in the combined 50 overs and super overs!

It is not uncommon to analyze human behavior, even if it is unwelcome from a religious point of view, not wanting to allow a little hindrance to tension after such a match. But there was also a display of great control over Moin Ali’s behavior. While the title-winning team was on the balcony of Lord’s, drunk at the champagne festival, Moin wrapped himself in a corner.

How does Moin Ali bear the logo of a wine company in that jersey? The English all-rounder never did. So why is it being discussed this time? After playing for Virat Kohli’s Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) for so many years, this time Ali has changed the team to Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings (CSK). The RCB has not worn the logo of a wine company in jerseys for so many years, Kohli’s team simply took it. But whether anyone will abide by CSK, if there is a question, the answer is that CSK has also accepted Ali’s request.


The CSK jersey had the logo of SNJ 10000, a drug brewery. But Moin Ali requested not to put the logo on his jersey. CSK has accepted the request. The logo of SNJ 10000 will not be seen in Ali’s jersey in the next IPL.

In franchise cricket, Muslim cricketers are found in almost all the teams in all the tournaments. Among them are many Muslim cricketers who follow religious rules like bureaucrats. That is why it is not uncommon for a Muslim cricketer to request the removal of a logo of a wine company on a jersey.

CSK has bought Moin for Rs 6 crore for this year’s IPL. So far, Moin’s career in the IPL is not a very important one. So far he has played 19 matches, in which he has scored 309 runs with the bat and 10 wickets with the ball.

The IPL starts on April 9, but the day after the first match in Chennai. The Dhoni-Moins start with a match against the Delhi Capitals on April 10 at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.