April 15, 2021


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Sangakkara also fooled the Pakistani batsman

Pakistan lost to hosts South Africa by 16 runs in the second ODI. Pakistan opener Fakhar Zaman was run out for 193 off 155 balls in that match. However, Fakhar Zaman’s run-out is now in the discussion by pressing the result of the match.

Pakistan needed 31 runs in the last over to win the match. Fakhar Zaman was on strike. Fakhar pushed the ball long-off in the first ball of the over by Lungi Ngidi and ran for two runs. De Cock ran out with a bullet throw from Eden Markram from long-off. Pakistan’s hopes of victory are over.

Controversy has erupted over the Pakistani opener’s dismissal. Fake fielding allegations against Proteas wicketkeeper-batsman De Kock. The ICC, the governing body of cricket, has punished De Kock for this. De Kock has been fined 75 per cent of his match fee under Section 41.51 of the ICC Code of Conduct. South African captain Temba Bavumao was not spared the punishment. His match fee has been cut by 20 percent.


Another incident is reminiscent of a run out by De Cock. Legendary Sri Lankan cricketer Kumar Sangakkara fooled Ahmed Shehzad in a match against Pakistan in 2015. Shehzad ran to the strike end to take the run, then Sangakkara acted as if the ball had come close to the stumps. Shehzad dived without looking at the ball. But the ball has not reached Sangakkara yet.

Sanga did not do this to get Shehzad out. On the contrary, Shehzad had reached the end of the strike long before Sangakkara’s performance. This incident, of course, gave rise to a lot of humor.

Corona has changed the course of human life. Changed manners, tastes. Changed habits. An example of this habit will surprise the reader. One person also asked permission to come to the office on horseback.

Satish Pabara of Maharashtra, India has also done a strange thing in Deshmukh. He is the Assistant Accounts Officer of the local deputy commissioner’s office.

Recently, Satish asked permission to come to the office with a horse to avoid corona infection. He also showed reasonableness for this. Not only is Corona afraid, she has been suffering from back pain for many days. So you can’t come to the office on a motorcycle. He can’t afford to buy a car again.

So he wants to bring a horse. Satish also asked permission to keep horses in the office. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, the letter went viral after it was leaked online. Various types of discussions started.

A few days ago, a lawyer from Varanasi wrote a letter to the police asking for permission to learn to ride a horse. He said that at the rate of rising oil prices, it has become impossible to travel 20 kilometers to reach the office.