April 14, 2021


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Random two weeks in the year of the golden jubilee of independence

In the last two weeks, a lot of things have become chaotic in the country. Of course, there is no big upheaval. There has been a big upheaval in the African country of Niger. On April 2, Mohamed Bajumi won the “election” and was sworn in as Niger’s head of state. Niger became independent from the French colony in 1960. This is the first election in 60 years that has seen a change of government. However, a couple of days before the swearing-in ceremony, a group of army personnel fired some shots at the President’s building. This is the custom of change of power in that country. So the turn to change power peacefully with the oath of victory in the election is the opposite for that country.


Come back to random. The celebration of Bangabandhu’s birth centenary and the golden jubilee of independence began on March 17. On the occasion of March 26, we were fascinated by the words of the great heads of state and government of many Bagha Bagha countries of the world. Our ambassadors in those countries have done a good job. Heads of state and government of all South Asian countries except Pakistan visited. We are happy. In particular, in the last five-six years, no such foreign guests have come. The celebration was going well. However, the program was becoming monotonous. The presence of Narendra Modi on the last day brought the desired-unwanted excitement.

Of course, this excitement was certainly not in the organizers’ plans. The presence and role of the left and the custodians must not have been taken into account. The whole episode was probably organized only by the government and the ruling party. Due to the corona the size of the events was limited and so there was no way to give a chance to anyone outside the government. Singer-player, guest-guest, listener-speaker — all belong to the same genre. A large part of the whole nation stayed out of this rare festival. It became random by forcing leftists and custodians to block the event by participating. The way the police and the people of the ruling party have resisted everything in the recent past, he used the same tactics to make the matter even more murky.

We saw the Hefajati violence again, especially in Brahmanbaria. The government needs to understand that nothing that is valuable to us, such as books, music, government offices, railways and the state’s vital infrastructure, is important to them at all. Rather, everything that is dear and valuable to us is destructive to them.

The rampant upheaval is evident from the fact that 20,000 people have been charged in 43 police cases. Clearly, the way we understand criminal law has nothing in common with our views on the purpose of law. In a democracy, if the police convict 10 people in a criminal case and 8 people are acquitted in the final trial, then there will be tension with the jobs of the policemen involved in the case. Many people involved in the criminal justice system of our country, especially the government people, think the opposite for crushing seven innocent citizens in the mill of unreasonable criminal system. The more people who are given ‘janta’ in the name of justice and lawsuits, the better. A lot of things are going randomly.

The random ones have crossed the country’s borders and gone abroad. Kulle also joined our military attach সঙ্গেs, along with seven other countries, at the grand ceremony of the now heavily-devoted army in Myanmar. In other words, we were eager to prove how close the great army of Myanmar at this time was to us. In the last two months, Myanmar’s great army has killed more than 500 civilians, including at least 40 children. We are erecting a barbed wire fence on the border with Myanmar. So this week hundreds of oppressed people from Myanmar are fleeing to Thailand.

Bangladesh voted against the UN investigation into Sri Lanka for war crimes. Bangladesh, along with Pakistan, voted in favor of the Sri Lankan government instead of abstaining from voting like India and Nepal. Former Foreign Secretary. Touhid Hossain wrote an excellent column on March 31 entitled ‘Two Strange Diplomatic Events in Bangladesh’. The next day, perhaps, the Home Minister’s statement in response to Touhid Hossain’s writing was also random. Fish cannot be covered with vegetables.

There is no way for the government, the holidays in the campus have increased again. This is not a random episode, but the government does not seem to be aware of the long-term random outbreak in the entire education system. In the last few months, I have seldom heard the Education Minister speak in the television news about two or three things like exams, admission tests, hostel halls open and closed, online teaching and so on. Except during the war of liberation, our educational institutions have never been closed for such a long time. Formal education students have never been out of school, college, university for so long. The condition of the teachers is no less miserable. Many private educational institutions have closed. I am not getting any hint of any discussion or thought about the way forward to solve this unprecedented and deep problem, i.e. the way to compensate the loss of education if the school-college is opened. The government and the people involved in the campus do not understand anything?

I have been teaching at the university level regularly and irregularly for 40 years. Now, if you ask a postgraduate student with a book in his hand, without opening the book, guess what the number of pages of this book might be, then the fear is, in most cases, the students will be staring at you.

The quality of education has become deeply chaotic.

All cricket-loving readers know the results of Bangladesh-New Zealand cricket series and the last T20. Cricket is also very random now

O. The rate of infection will be 5, 6 thousand and 7, 8, 9, 10 thousand will probably be in the next few days. There is no place in the hospital. People are not following hygiene rules. There is only one reason for this, people do not have confidence and trust in what the government says. We all know why there is no trust and confidence. But no one speaks except in gestures. As the prices of goods go up, so does the feast of Ramadan. It is said that when the demand for a food item in a normal month is one lakh tonnes, in Ramadan it goes up to two to three lakh tonnes. Therefore the price will go up further. The syndicate system is getting more and more mature every year. Extortion will also increase. The syndicate system and extortion have historically been the exclusive prerogative of the ruling party. The longer the government lasts, the stronger this right becomes and I do not expect any exceptions in the days to come.

Expectations of some of the days of excitement and excitement that began on March 16 have become very random. It would not be logical to try to avoid the fear of more chaotic days in the near future by biting one’s lips in the sand like an ostrich and trying to destabilize and destabilize the country.

● Dr. Shahdin Malik is a lawyer in the Bangladesh Supreme Court and a law teacher at the People’s University