April 17, 2021


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Portugal is relaxing the lockdown, the concert is going on

Portugal is easing the lockdown in the second phase. The new lockdown is taking effect in the country on Monday. From this day, certain types of commercial establishments, primary, second and third circle educational institutions, coffee shops and restaurants, sports activities, gymnasiums, museums, palaces and various exhibition centers will be opened.

Meanwhile, a dance and small-scale concert organized by the Shapa da Pedro Association was held at Martim Muniz Square in Lisbon on Sunday, announcing the opening of tourist attractions.

“We can move forward as planned,” Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa told a news conference on April 1. But we must be careful, “he said.” Where the world is imposing new restrictions, we are returning to normal life. It is an honor for us. ”
A rickshaw puller was stabbed to death in Dhaka’s South Surma after consuming cannabis. His name is Faridul Islam (26). South Surma police have arrested two persons in the incident.

The incident took place in a rented house of Abdus Sabur Colony in Lauai area of ​​South Surma around 12pm on Sunday. The detainees are Ziarul (25), a resident of Khojarkhala area of ​​South Surma and Bulbul Islam (30), a resident of Munsipara. Ziarul’s village home is in Rangpur.

According to police sources, four rickshaw pullers including Faridul Islam used cannabis in the house in Lauai area of ​​South Surma on Sunday night. Later they had an argument over an internal matter. At one stage there were clashes. At that time Faridul Islam was stabbed in the right leg. He was later rescued by others and admitted to Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College Hospital around 12:30 pm. At that time, the doctor of the emergency department declared Faridul Islam dead.

Citing a doctor on duty, police said Faridul Islam died of excessive bleeding. Officer-in-charge (OC) of Sylhet’s South Surma Police Station Monirul Islam said on Monday that two people have been arrested in the incident. Legal action is being taken against them.