April 17, 2021


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Second dose of the vaccine from April 8: Health DG

Dr. Abul Bashar Mohammad Khurshid Alam, Director General of the Department of Health, said that the vaccination activities of Corona will continue. However, the first dose will not be given so much. The second dose of the vaccine will be given from the 7th. Beximco Pharma said last Sunday about the new vaccine, they will be able to deliver their vaccine to us in time. Regarding the lockdown, he said the situation would tell whether the lockdown would be extended further.

He said this while inspecting the corona unit of Manikganj 250-bed district hospital at 11 am on Monday.

He added that lockdowns have been declared across the country to save lives. To implement this lockdown, a letter has been sent from the health department to the district administration, district police administration and all concerned. Moreover, in order for the lockdown to be fully effective, the administration as well as the general public of Bangladesh must be aware. In order to create this awareness, the field level administration and the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Ministry of Information are conducting publicity campaigns all over the country.

Dr. Hasan Imam, Director of Administration Department of Health Department, Dr. Farid Mia, Director of Hospital and Clinic Department, Dr. Khurshid Alam, Director of Hospital Services Department, Dr. Anwarul Amin Akhand, District Civil Surgeon of Manikganj, Dr. Md. : Many including Arshad Ullah were present.

Asked by reporters whether the lockdown would be extended further, the director general said: “It cannot be said right now.” The rate of corona infection will depend on whether the ongoing lockdown will be extended further.

He said everyone should follow government instructions during lockdown. Legal action has been announced against those who disobey the directive. The lockdown has been given officially to protect the people of the country from Corona. So to make the lockdown effective, we must all be aware and follow the government instructions.

Director General of the Health Department Dr. Abul Bashar Mohammad Khurshid Alam said about Manikganj District Hospital, Manikganj District Hospital has been inspected. The corona unit will be placed where the corona unit has central oxygen. There are seven beds we have selected. At present there are general patients in these seven beds. Moving them elsewhere will use corona units, central oxygen supply, hypogeneral canola. All in all, the facilities that are available in an ICEO have been arranged. It will be launched by next Thursday, April 8. For this, the director of the administration department of the health department, the director of the hospital service department and the director of the hospital have been brought from Dhaka. So that they can do the work together.
Fire service divers have so far recovered 27 bodies in the launch sinking incident in Narayanganj’s Shitalakshya river. The rescue ship ‘Suffix’ dragged the sunken launch to the river bank by crane. After searching the launch, the bodies were recovered and the operation was declared over.

BIWTA Chairman Commodore Md. Sadeq has confirmed this information.

Citing the fire service, the Narayanganj representative said from the spot, the divers of the fire service and the coast guard started the rescue operation at 5.30 am on Monday. The sunken launch was rescued around 12:30 pm and pulled to shore. Meanwhile, 22 more bodies including women, children and several men were recovered from inside the launch. Earlier, the bodies of five more women were recovered till 12 midnight on Sunday. So far, a total of 28 bodies have been recovered.

It is learned that a launch named Rabit Al Hasan bound for Munshiganj sank with more than 50 passengers. Although some passengers were able to swim ashore, many passengers, including men, women and children, were missing.

At around 7 pm on Sunday, a passenger launch named ‘Rabit Al Hasan’ left Narayanganj for Munshiganj with more than 50 passengers. At that time, a cargo ship hit the launch in the Shitalakshya river and the launch sank in a moment. Many of the launch passengers swam ashore. However, many were missing.