April 14, 2021


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Hefazat has nothing to do with violence: Nayeb Amir

Hefazat-e-Islam has nothing to do with the vandalism and violence in Brahmanbaria against the anti-Modi movement, said Maulana Sajidur Rahman, the party’s central naib. He made the demand while visiting the damaged Brahmanbaria Press Club on Monday afternoon.

A delegation from Hefazat-e-Islam and Jamia Islamia Younusia Madrasa of Brahmanbaria visited Brahmanbaria Press Club. Jabed Rahim, general secretary of the press club, described the vandalism at the Bijan Club. After that, the president of the club Riaz Uddin Jami raised the issue of the attack on him with the leaders of Hefazat and Madrasa.

Referring to the incident, Amir Sajidur Rahman said, “We are very sad.” There is no language to express how much I have suffered. Our program has been damaged by vandalism. For this, we identify the culprits and demand their trial. But we demand that the administration should not harass any innocent person through you (journalists).

Maulana Sajidur Rahman said, on the day of the strike, the position of our leaders was only in front of the madrasa. Those who caused this heinous incident, after seeing the video footage, find out the real culprits and demand punishment. Those who carry out terrorist activities can never be in custody. We protest all the vandalism.

Mufti Mubarak Ullah, principal of Jamia Islamia Yunusiya Madrasa, said, “As far as I am concerned, none of our people can do such a thing.” Those who have done such heinous deeds should be investigated and action should be taken.

Among others were present at the time – Ali Azam, Borhar Uddin Kasemi, Noman Habibi, Enamul Hasan, Md. Zakaria, Tanvir Ahmed and Ershadullah Kasemi among others.

It may be mentioned that in protest of Narendra Modi’s visit to Bangladesh, several government and non-government establishments in Brahmanbaria were attacked, vandalized and set on fire from March 26 to 27. The Brahmanbaria Press Club was also vandalized and the club’s president Riaz Uddin Jamir was attacked.