April 17, 2021


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A quarter of a hundred passengers arrived in Dhaka on a special flight, protesting not to be in the quarantine

A special plane has arrived in Dhaka from Lebanon with 300 passengers. After reaching Dhaka, they are protesting not to be in quarantine.

Air communication with several countries was recently banned due to an increase in epidemic coronavirus infections. The list also includes Lebanon. Passengers arriving in the country were stranded in Lebanon and were flown to Dhaka on a special flight of the state airline. The condition was that everyone in Dhaka should stay in the institutional quarantine for two weeks. But after returning to the country, none of them agreed to go to the official quarantine.

It is learned that the flight with 265 passengers landed at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport around 3:30 am on Monday.

Touhidul Ahsan, director of Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, said, “Protests have been going on inside the airport since their return. Created chaos. Not only that, but the relatives who came to the airport to pick them up are also making a fuss. ‘

The financial crisis and the coronavirus situation in Lebanon have left millions stranded. They have been brought to the country on several occasions before.

Touhidul Ahsan says, ‘We have tried to negotiate with them a few times. We have offered them to go to the Hajj camp where the government has arranged the institutional quarantine. But they are not agreeing in any way. ‘

Until further notice, airport authorities are in talks to take them to the Hajj camp with the help of the army.

It has not been possible to know the statements of the protesting passengers or their relatives so far.

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