April 15, 2021


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Children are not doing well, there is a risk

Mukta Das was sitting with her eight-month-old son in the burn unit of Dhaka Medical College Hospital. Son Pritam Das is being given oxygen. Oitukun boy’s heavy discomfort with the oxygen mask. So this is the time to sit down and recover.
The burn unit of Dhaka Medical has been left for infants and pregnant women suffering from covid. Mukta Das said in the first light, the boy got cold, pneumonia from there. After being brought to Dhaka Medical College Hospital from Bikrampur, the boy was found ‘positive’ in the Covid test. He arrived at the end of March. Pritam still felt cold, but his parents said that he did not have any symptoms of eight-year-old Shant or nine-year-old Salam who was undergoing treatment in the same room.

Abdul Malek, a rickshaw puller from Narsingdi, told Prothom Alo that he had brought his son Shant to Dhaka for stomach treatment. After receiving treatment, he returned home with his son. He was examined on the advice of a doctor and found to be calm. Abul Kashem was standing at the feet of his son Salam on the bed next to him. He said in the first light, the car went over his feet while cycling in front of the house in Kamalbagh. Salam was admitted to Mitford for many days. Kovid tested positive and was admitted to Dhaka Medical College Hospital on March 30 last month. I don’t know when the holiday will be.

This unit of Dhaka Medical College Hospital received 1,060 patients between the ages of zero and 12 from May to December last year. Sayeda Anwar, head of the children’s department of the institute, said that many children who do not have covid symptoms but are infected with covid are coming to Dhaka Medical College Hospital. He said in the first light, some of the children who are coming to Dhaka Medical College Hospital are being identified as covid when they come for treatment of other diseases. Some are suffering from fever, cough, some are suffering from diarrhea, some are suffering from severe weakness. Like adults, children are better off taking certain medications and following the rules. However, it is becoming more complicated in the case of children who already have heart disease, kidney complications or chronic diseases. Again, many are coming with scars on the skin, swelling of the hands and feet, that is, symptoms like Kawasaki disease. The name of this disease is MISC (Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome). It is after covid and can become critical for children.

Patients in the children’s hospital
Prabir Kumar Sarkar, deputy director (medical) of Dhaka Children’s Hospital, said about 160 patients have been treated at their hospital so far. Most of the children who came to this hospital for treatment also came with other diseases. Covid is examined before any surgery. Some people get this disease. So far 15 patients have died at the hospital. Seven to eight of them are less than 28 days old. These babies were born with some birth defects. However, they could not be sure how they got infected with Kovid. Because, mothers of newborns did not have covid.

Nahid Farzana has been working in the covid unit of Dhaka Children’s Hospital from the beginning. He said in the first light, all but two or three of the children who died had some kind of complex disease. And those two or three people come to the hospital in a very critical situation. All of them were unconscious.


Apart from this, no estimate has been received from the Department of Health on how many children have been infected in the country so far. Robed Amin, director of the Non-Communicable Diseases Control (NCDC), told Prothom Alo that children are being infected. However, there is no complete information on how many children are admitted in a hospital, how many children have to be taken to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), how many are dying, centrally. Some hospitals are keeping information separately.

However, both Dhaka Medical College Hospital and Dhaka Children’s Hospital have spoken of the horrors of MISC.

How to understand MISC
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the top health organization in the United States, says the disease causes swelling of the baby’s heart, lungs, kidneys, brain, skin, eyes and intestines. The cause of MISC could not be ascertained. However, the same virus that is found in Covid-19 is also seen in this disease. Reviewing the patient’s history, it is seen that they have come in contact with patients infected with Kovid-19.

Prabir Kumar Sarkar, deputy director of Dhaka Children’s Hospital, told Prothom Alo that the body has its own way of preventing diseases. In MISC, this method not only destroys the germs, but also the healthy tissues of the body.

What adults do
Doctors say adults need to behave responsibly. Any work has to be done keeping in mind the elders and children of the family. As part of the preventive measures, the advice of Dhaka Medical College is to encourage children to follow the hygiene rules. Engage in household chores. Public gatherings are less যাওয়া occasionally taken to play in such places. Doctors of Dhaka Medical College think that keeping the child active and active is a part of prevention of this disease.

Doctors at the Children’s Hospital say that in order to prevent the disease, it is necessary to provide nutritious food to the child and make arrangements for him to stay in a room that is well ventilated.
Covid is a common disease for children, such as fever, runny nose, cough or diarrhea. However, if complicated, it can lead to death. Dhaka Medical College Hospital or Dhaka Children’s Hospital: For the general public, neither of these two hospitals in Dhaka has an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for children with Kovid.