April 17, 2021


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The indomitable bridge authority in Corona

All project areas have separate rooms for quarantine and hospital arrangements. If anyone involved in the project falls ill, treatment can be given there. All the projects will be going on, the contractors and all those who are out there are supervising the work through online zoom or team – Kazi Mohammad, the chief engineer of the bridge authority, told my news. Ferdous
Establishment of Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge Authority on the river Jamuna with the aim of balancing and intensive communication in the socio-economic development of the two parts of the naturally isolated country. In order to implement the nationally important Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge Project smoothly, the government has increased the administrative and financial capacity of the bridge authority. In 2009, the Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge Authority was renamed as ‘Bangladesh Bridge Authority’. Since then, the bridge authority has been continuously carrying out the responsibility of operation and maintenance of Bangabandhu Bridge including construction and operation of all types of bridges, tolls, approach roads and lengths of one and a half kilometers and above. With the enactment of a new law in 2017, the company is also carrying out the responsibility of construction of elevated expressways, causeways, tunnels, river management activities, flyovers, ring roads, etc. with the previous responsibilities. Apart from discharging its responsibilities, the Bangladesh Bridge Authority, which is moving ahead with strategic objectives, is also playing a special role in the government’s revenue sector.

Significant progress has also been made by the bridge authority in recent years. Among them, 69 percent physical progress of construction work of main bridge under Padma Multipurpose Bridge project, construction work of 48.63 km long Dhaka Elevated Expressway including ramp to reduce traffic congestion in Dhaka city has already started and 57 percent physical progress of the first trench has already been completed. Bangladesh Bridge Authority has been able to achieve 57 percent physical progress of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Tunnel and 30.52 percent physical progress of construction work of elevated part of BRT project. The authority has also completed feasibility study for construction of 5 more big bridges in different parts of the country. Of this, the bridge authority has also paid Tk 1,226 crore for land acquisition for the construction of 24 km elevated expressway from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport to Dhaka EPZ via Ashulia. Besides, the project has already been approved by the ECNEC at a cost of Tk 1,042 crore for the construction of a 1,690-meter long bridge over the Pigeon River on the Kachua-Betagi-Patuakhali road promised by the Prime Minister. Besides, feasibility study of 238 km alignment for construction of subway in Dhaka is underway. On the other hand, 99.6 percent ADP has been implemented in 2019-2020 fiscal year. In contrast to all these achievements, the Sethru authorities are facing the issue of river erosion in the Padma Multipurpose Bridge project area and Bangabandhu Bridge area. The bridge authority is also looking at vehicle management as a challenge during the construction of the Dhaka-Ashulia and BRT projects. However, at present, the biggest challenge facing the bridge authorities like other sectors of the country is to take forward all the ongoing projects by tackling the global epidemic Covid-19 situation.

Kazi Mohammad, Chief Engineer of Bangladesh Bridge Authority, spoke to me about how the work of all the ongoing projects can be taken forward and what plans have been taken by the authorities in this regard. Ferdous. “We have set up separate rooms for quarantine in all our project areas,” he told My News. There are also arrangements for treatment, there are also arrangements for the hospital, where the officers and employees can take treatment. Even if someone involved in the project is ill, they can be treated there.

Also, as you know, our biggest project, the Padma Multipurpose Project, has already been closed to the public. Those of us who are inside, even we ourselves, are not going too far during the time of running covidakalin, so as not to cause any problems. The engineers who are there are not coming to Dhaka at the moment. They are monitoring the work from there. Everyone involved, including the contractor, who is out, is supervising the work through online zoom or team.

Similarly, the Karnafuli tunnel has also been kept away from the general public, he said. He said those who are in project management are also away from the public. There is no problem in keeping the work going on in these two projects.

If you want to know Kazi Md. Ferdous said the lockdown brings a slight delay in the import of goods when there is a transport problem around the world, but it also has an effect. There are epidemics all over the world, including the Padma Bridge goods coming from China, the Karnafuli Tunnel goods also coming from China, there may be a slight delay in some cases in some cases. All in all, as much care needs to be taken in the projects to deal with the corona. In this way we are trying our best.

Asked whether any of the major ongoing projects of the bridge authority would be shut down in the current situation in Corona, he said work on all the projects would continue. However, when the Corona epidemic is spreading around the world, the import-export process is also a little disrupted. However, efforts are underway to control us and our contractors so that no project work is stopped. The rest depends on the situation. When the whole world is being harmed, even if we try, it is a hundred percentIt is not possible to act like Ger. As much as can be tolerated from within the security, as much effort is being made.