April 17, 2021


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The director of BGMEA is mother-son

Navidul Haque, son of late Dhaka North City Corporation mayor Anisul Haque, has won the post of director of Bangladesh Garment Exporters and Owners Association (BGMEA) 2021-23. In this election, his mother Rubana Haque got the second highest number of votes and was elected as the director. As a result, mother and son will work together as directors in the next board of the organization.

This is the first such incident in the history of BGMEA. Such incidents are rare even in the board of directors of business organizations of the country.

According to the results, Rubana Haque, the current president of BGMEA, won the second highest number of votes with 1,156 votes and her son Navidul Haque won the post of director with 950 votes. They have both been elected from Dhaka region.

It was held simultaneously in Dhaka-Chittagong on Sunday (April 4). The Election Management Board announced the results of the election at 12:30 pm after the polling. Due to coronavirus in this election, the voting time has been extended by three hours till 6 pm. Voting starts at 9 am.

The mother-son panel contested from the ‘Forum’ in the election. At one time this panel was led by Mayor Anisul Haque. Later in 2019, Rubana Haque came to lead the forum. From this panel he won as the President of BGME. She is the first woman president of this organization.

Anisul Haque was the President of BGME from 2005-2006. He was later elected president of the FBCCI, a top business organization, in 2008. In 2015, he was elected the first mayor of Dhaka North City.

“As human beings, our children are much better than us,” said Rubana Haque. As a mother, I hope my son will serve on the BGMEA board with his education, dedication and honesty.

BGMEA’s newly elected director Navidul Haque said, “I believe that it is because of my parents that I have been able to come to where I am today.” It’s also true that I’ve done some work. I had to prove my worth to me. When I became the director of the organization, I was able to do something for the garment industry, but only after it was confirmed that my mother suggested my name.

“Everyone judges me by the work of my parents,” he said. This is my daily challenge. I will never be able to go near them. But I will never do anything that will tarnish their reputation.

In this year’s BGMEA elections, a total of 70 candidates, including 35 from the Sammilita Parishad and 35 from the Forum, contested for 35 directorships. The Sammiliti Parishad has won in 24 of them and the Forum in 11 of them. Of these, Sammilita Parishad and Forum have won 16 out of 28 directorships in Dhaka region and 9 forums. On the other hand, out of 9 directors of Chittagong region, 6 were won by the joint council and 2 by the forum candidate.

Faruk Hasan, the panel leader of the joint council, won with a maximum of 1,204 votes between the two rival panels. But his rival panel forum leader ABM Samsuddin lost by 904 votes.

BGMEA board will be formed under the leadership of Farooq Hasan. Farooq Hasan will be the next president of the organization. There are some formalities left before that. The winning directors will elect a president and seven vice-presidents on April 17. If all goes well, the new BGMEA committee for the next two years will take over on April 20.