April 17, 2021


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Low-income people are suffocating in the race for life and livelihood

8:10 a.m. After starting the journey for the office, I came to the Jigatla bus stand of the capital and saw many people standing in the office. I also joined that line. I have been standing for 1 hour. Yet there is no sight of the bus.

Meanwhile, I am thinking of holding 10 offices. Rickshaw pullers also want double the fare. Our low paid job, is it possible to go to Rose office with so much rent?

This is how Asif Mostafiz, who is going to the office, was saying his words of regret.

A week-long lockdown has begun on Monday (April 5th) to stem the rise of the coronavirus. All types of public transport have been closed since morning. But there are open factories and public-private office courts.

That is why working people are in trouble when they go out for office in the morning.

People are standing for hours at the intersections of different roads in the capital in the crisis of public transport. Rickshaws and CNG-powered autorickshaws are running but the fares are doubling or tripling. Extreme misery is being borne by the common people. Many are forced to walk to the office.

Azad Hossain worked in a newspaper office. He left Amtali in Mirpur on foot for Motijheel. No way to walk! Where the daily fare to go to his office is 30 rupees, the CNG fare is four hundred and fifty rupees. He was forced to leave on foot.

Office-going Laila Khatun said that she also gave a lockdown, kept the office open but kept the car closed. Then how do people go to the office. Or fly. Why do ordinary people have to suffer all the time?

They go on to solve one problem and create ten more. If you can’t hold the office on time, you won’t have a job, but you won’t be able to hold the office on time. So what do we do?

Another office worker Ananya said, where I get a salary of 10 rupees, I have to pay 20 rupees on the street. So how do we go. Leaving the car closed, the office left open. Someone wondered how a girl could return home without a car in the evening.

On the one hand, the thought of saving lives from epidemics, on the other hand, the thought of making a living. In this race of life and livelihood, low income people are getting breathless.