April 17, 2021


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Money doubled in seven days, three fraudsters arrested

In Atrai, Naogaon, a company called NRB Global Life Insurance Co. Ltd. has been accused of embezzling crores of rupees with the temptation of “getting double what you deposit in a week”. Upazila Executive Officer. Iktekharul Islam along with Atrai police arrested three people from the office and rescued many victims. The victims have lodged a written complaint with the Atrai police station.
According to the complaint and local sources, NRB Global Life Insurance Co. Ltd. opened an office in Kholapara of the upazila about 3 months ago. Under the guise of insurance, they tempted young women in the area to open savings accounts with the temptation to become financially self-sufficient. As a result of their deception, more than 600 women from different villages of the area opened savings accounts there.
Meanwhile, saving women are encouraged to take a house in the name of training at different times and deposit large sums of money. There they are told “whatever you submit will be doubled in a week”. Trapped in such fraud, more than 600 women from different villages of the upazila deposited between fifty and three and a half lakh rupees in that office. One week after depositing the money, if they want a double refund, they continue to procrastinate.
In the meantime, the matter was announced last Sunday evening, Atrai Upazila Executive Officer. Iktekharul Islam along with the police raided the office. Manager Nurunnabi Islam (47), Baktiyar Hossain Diamond (33) and Rabiul Islam (35) were detained at the time. He rescued about 40 women victims.
Many of the victims, including Lipi of Mahadighi village, Shahera Sharmin, Mahbuba Khanam, Sumaiya Soni, Brishti Akter of Kashiabari village, Hira of Jatpara village, Sumaiya Sultana of Shahagola village and Chabina of Shimulia village, said that more than 600 young women each paid between Rs 50,000 and Rs 3.5 lakh each. Submitted to this office. But far from doubling their money, they are not getting their money back now. Hundreds of fraudulent boats were called to the area adjacent to the Atrai police station premises and the NRB office on Monday.
Atrai Police Station OC (Investigation) Mozammel Haque Kazi said they had started a fraudulent business under the guise of insurance. Three people arrested on Monday have been sent to Naogaon Jail following the allegations of the victims.
Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) said. Iktekharul Islam said, “We conducted a raid there on the basis of secret information and arrested those who were found and handed them over to the police.” However, the main culprits were not found.