April 17, 2021


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Shakib slept all night next to his wife’s body ‘after the murder’!

Shakib Alam Mishu married Hasna Hena Jhilik out of love against the wishes of the family. Relatives allege that she was killed by the man she loved after two years of marriage.

According to police, Hasna Hena Jhilikak (23) died at her home in Gulshan. Shakib staged an accident in Hatirjheel while taking his dead wife to the hospital in a car on Saturday morning.

According to the police, after checking the closed circuit camera, it was seen that four persons took the frozen body of the woman in the car from the house No. 22 / C, Road No. 37, Gulshan-2 in the morning.

After questioning the housemaid and the people of the house, the police came to know that Jhilik and Shakib had a heated argument on Friday night. Jhilik was beaten. Their 9-month-old baby was kept with her grandmother Sayeda Alam.

The baby cried when he could not find his mother by his side in the morning. At this time the housemaid took the child to his parents’ room. Then he saw the parents of the child lying on the same bed and shouted.

At one point, he sees Jhilik’s body with his hands, his body is cold and stiff. Not moving. Stop breathing with your hands over your nose and mouth. Her husband Shakib Alam Mishu was lying next to Jhilik.

According to the relatives of the deceased, Mishu spent the night next to Jhilik after beating and suffocating him. Shakib’s parents did not want to accept him as Jhilik’s family was financially indigent. That is why Shakib’s family did not want to have a relationship with Jhilik’s family. Shakib’s family used to torture Jhilik at different times.

Sources close to the investigation said that during the initial interrogation of the police, Mishu said that there was a quarrel between the husband and wife on Thursday night as well. Jhilik ate sleeping pills that night. During the night, he drove his wife to a hospital in Dhanmondi. After giving first aid, he was brought home. However, the police are checking and sorting out his statement.

Mishu regularly drank alcohol and drank yaba. In addition, he used to inject drugs like Pathidin in his body.

Hospital sources said there was no sign of the woman being injured in the accident. He has black marks on his legs, head and neck. The autopsy doctor said he may have been killed by pressing a pillow.

The autopsy doctor said the woman had multiple injuries on her legs, head and neck. He may have been killed by suffocation.

Citing the autopsy doctor, Bachchu Mia, in-charge inspector of the Dhaka Medical College Hospital police outpost, said the woman had similar symptoms to the one seen when someone was killed by pressing a pillow.

According to the family of the deceased, they got married two years ago on the basis of a love affair. They also have an eight-month-old son. There was no financial balance between the two families. Being financially well-off, Shakib’s family did not want to have a relationship with Jhilik’s family. Shakib’s family used to torture Jhilik at different times.

Jhilik’s mother Asma Begum said her husband (Jhilik’s father) Anwar Hossain died a year ago. They have three daughters and one son. He lives in Mohammadpur with his other children.

Jhilik’s mother has filed a case with Gulshan police station. The court on Sunday granted a three-day remand to husband Shakib Alam Mishu. At the same time, four people including Jhilik’s father-in-law have been sent to jail.

The four accused who went to jail are Jahangir Alam, father-in-law of Jhilik, Sayeda Alam, mother-in-law, Fahim Alam and Tuktuki.