April 17, 2021


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Growing in China, record infections in India

Corona (Covid-19) infection is on the rise again in China. A new outbreak is beginning in Yunnan province, bordering Myanmar. Two days ago, the number of corona attacks in the region was 16.

The number of victims has increased to 32 in one day on Sunday. This is the highest number of daily infections detected in the last two months.

The daily record of corona attacks has also surpassed that in India. On Monday, one lakh three thousand 556 people were infected in just one day. In one day, so many people have not been infected in India before. Reuters, Anandabazar.

Among the new patients in China are locals, all of whom are residents of the city of Ruli in Yunnan Province. Citing local media, Reuters reported that city authorities had instructed citizens to stay in their home quarantine. Corona test activities have started on a large scale there.

Strict restrictions were imposed on the entry and exit of the city after a corona-infected patient was identified in the town of Ruli last week. Genetic analysis of coronavirus in the bodies of patients identified in the city found similarities between the virus samples found in the bodies of 11 people and the Myanmar virus.

So far, 90,305 Kovid-19 patients have been identified in mainland China, with 4,637 deaths.

Terrible situation in neighboring India as well. The previous highest number of daily infections in the country was recorded on September 17, when 96,794 patients were identified. Another 46 coronavirus patients died on Sunday, bringing the country’s total death toll to 175,101.

The total number of victims on Monday was one crore 25 lakh 69 thousand 7 people and one lakh 75 thousand 132 people died.

Maharashtra is the worst affected state in India. More than 3 million people have been affected in the state since the Corona epidemic began. The lion’s share of this daily infection in India is from 9-10 states. The situation in 5-6 more states is getting worse day by day.

However, conditions like Maharashtra have not yet been created in other states. In the last 24 hours, 56,064 people have been newly infected in Maharashtra. This is the highest number of infections per day in a single state in the entire Corona period.

The situation in various districts of the state as well as Mumbai is deteriorating. In the last 24 hours, 11,173 people were newly infected in the country’s commercial cities. Coronation is one of the highest number of infections in a single city in the country.

Twice a week corona test is mandatory in England: Corona test is mandatory twice a week in England. From next Friday, everyone will have to undergo coronary examination twice a week. This step has been taken under the government’s corona test program. News from the BBC.

A kit that can be quickly tested is being made available. These can be found in different places of testing, pharmacy. With these kits, corona test is possible in just 30 minutes.