April 17, 2021


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Bringing instruments with capital facility and selling them in the open market

Narsingdi’s 36 textile mills have imported automatic power looms with capital access and sold them in the open market. In the last five years, the owners of these mills have imported 30,353 looms with a promise to set up industries, but have installed 5,000 machines in their factories. The rest have been sold to other companies.

These machines were imported on duty free facility. As a result, the government has been deprived of Tk 39 crore VAT. Recently, the East VAT Commissionerate of Dhaka conducted a surprise raid on the factories and found evidence of this fancy forgery.

Meanwhile, the Dhaka East VAT Commissionerate on Tuesday sent a letter to Chittagong Customs to take precaution in unloading the machines and industrial raw materials of the companies involved in the fraud. It has given detailed information of each organization.

According to the source, on the basis of intelligence information, a surprise operation was carried out in 36 textile mills of Narsingdi division. Going to the operation, the eyes of the officers were dazzled. Although these mills imported 30,353 automatic power loom machines mentioned in the notification of capital equipment in the last five financial years, most of them were sold in the local market without being installed in the factories.

In this case, although there is a provision to pay VAT, it has not been done. Initially, evidence of VAT evasion of Tk 39 crore was found. On the other hand, these companies have imported other products at higher tariffs behind the machinery.

In this regard, Dhaka East VAT Commissionerate Commissioner Tasmina Hossain told Jugantar that new sectors are being looked into to keep the revenue collection activities normal during the Corona epidemic. Monitoring has already been extended to the institutions which are already under VAT. Besides, the institutions which did not pay VAT in various ways are also being brought under VAT.

He said such operations would be continued as per the instructions of the NBR chairman under the Prime Minister’s Zero Tolerance Policy. Unnecessary harassment of taxpayers will not be tolerated just as necessary action will be taken in case of allegations of irregularities, corruption or VAT evasion.

Institutions involved in irregularities: The textile mills involved in irregularities are: Aida Textile, Khan Textile, Al Amin Textile, Zohra Textile, Amin Mir Textile, Adar Textile, Avi Tie Dye and Swing House, Karim Textile, RK Textile, Fahad , Sumon Textile, SB Textile, Knitting Textile, Money Textile, Nijhum Textile, Umaiza Textile, Modern Textile, Artist Textile, Sultana Textile and Traders, Moon Textile, MR Textile, HR Textile, HR Textile, , Zarif Textile, Barja Textile, Haji Sizing Mill, Hawk Textile, Momin Textile, Yamin Spinning, Yamin Sizing, Sneha Moni Textile and Sarkar Textile.

When asked, Bangladesh Textile Mill Association (BTMA) president Mohammad Ali Khokon said the companies named are not BTMA members. If such allegations are found against any member organization, action will be taken in accordance with the constitution of the organization subject to investigation. He further said that the customs officials can go to the small mills and find out whether the loom machines have been installed or not. But why aren’t the bonds sold in Madhabadi, Panchdona, Bunti markets being caught? Stolen yarn is being sold openly in these markets directly from Chittagong port, but the customs administration has remained silent. If these can be stopped, the country will benefit more.

He said the textiles may have sold looms to small weavers. I don’t see much fault in it. The duty of the machine is 1 percent, no matter who brings it. Moreover, they did not smuggle money or wealth from the country. Wealth is in the country and it is producing products for the welfare of the country.

Customs-VAT officials everywhere find fault without identifying those who are actually enemies of the country, conspiring to destroy the country’s industry.