April 15, 2021


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The girl was thrown into a pond to trap her brother in Sharankhola

Atheist father Majid Mollah has killed his four-month-old daughter Nupur by throwing her in a pond at Sharankhola in Bagerhat. The incident took place at Dakshin Tafalbari village in Southkhali union of the upazila on Sunday evening. He is said to have caused the incident to trap his elder brother. Police have arrested the killer Majid. Marufa Begum has filed a case against her husband for killing her daughter.

According to the statement, Majid is in dispute with his elder brother Rashid Mollah over 15 katha of shared property. He tried to trap his ignorant child by throwing it in his elder brother’s pond.

Marufa Begum, the plaintiff in the case, said that on March 30, her husband Majid and brother-in-law Rashid had a quarrel over land. From then on, she (husband) used to move around anxiously. On the evening of the incident, Matikata came home after work and sent me with her son Nayan to buy medicine at the local Tafalbari market. At that time I left my daughter Nabisha and four-month-old anklet with my husband. In that gap, Mejha left her daughter at a neighbour’s house, threw Nupur in her brother-in-law Rashid Mollah’s pond and returned home.

She said that when she came with the medicine and wanted to know if she could find Nupur, her husband kept talking incoherently. At one stage, he said, the girl fell into the pond after colliding with a tree in the dark on the way to her elder brother Rashid’s house with Nupur. Upon hearing this, he ran and rescued the girl from the pond and took her to Sharankhola Hospital, where the doctors declared her dead.

In this regard, Rashid Mollah said, Majid left his daughter in my pond after trapping me. But the police can understand the real facts by listening to him.

Sharankhola police officer in charge (OC) said. Saidur Rahman said that after detaining Majid, he confessed to killing his daughter Nupur by throwing her in a pond during interrogation. The body of the child has been sent to Bagerhat Sadar Hospital morgue for autopsy.

Muhibullah Bahar, 35, a young officer of Agrani Bank, died of corona in Pabna. He died at Rajshahi Medical College Hospital on Monday. He was buried in the graveyard of his village after Janazah after Asr prayers on Monday.

Muhibullah Bahar is the son of Ahmed Ali Master of Kakilakhali village in Pabna Sadar upazila. He was working as Principal Officer in Agrani Bank Pabna Regional Branch.

According to family sources, Muhibullah Bahar was undergoing treatment at his home when he contracted corona 8-10 days ago. When his condition deteriorated on Thursday, he was admitted to Rajshahi Medical College Hospital. He died at the intensive care unit there on Monday.

According to the relatives, the young bank officer was very talented. After graduating from Jahangirnagar University with a degree in Geography and Environmental Science, he took a job as an officer at Agrani Bank. The use of always smiling was amiable. His untimely death cast a shadow of mourning among the leading bank officials and relatives.

Meanwhile, the situation in Pabna has turned dire in a month. At this time the infection has increased several times.

According to health department sources, more than 200 corona patients have been identified in the last 15 days. Till Monday, a total of 1,732 people were identified in the district. The first death of a bank official in the second wave since the onset of corona infection.