April 15, 2021


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I will be loyal to King Abdullah: Prince Hamza

Prince Hamza has said he will remain loyal to King Abdullah of Jordan. At the same time, he confirmed that he would accept the monarchical system. He made this promise in a recent letter. In it he writes, I surrender myself to the king. I will remain faithful to the constitution of my beloved Jordan and will continue to support the King and Crown Prince. The interests of my country are paramount to me. Everyone should stand by the king and protect Jordan. This was reported by Deutsche Welle.

According to reports, Prince Hamza was accused of plotting against the king. But then they sat down to discuss him. His lawyer said talks between the two sides had been successful.
Hamza is the former Crown Prince of Jordan. He met with Prince Hassan and other princes on Monday. Jordan’s Royal Palace said Monday that King Abdullah II would ask a family member to negotiate with his half-brother Hamza. Hamza’s lawyer also said the mediation had been successful.

Earlier, Hamza was placed under house arrest a few days ago. He then said he would not abide by any restrictions on his movements. Prince, 41, said Jordanian security forces were threatening him. At that time, the United States and the Arab states supported King Abdullah.
Sunamganj district BCL joint general secretary Fayez Uddin alias Fayez Marjan has been expelled for posting on Facebook on behalf of Hefazat-e-Islam joint secretary general Mamunul Haque. Sunamganj district BCL president Dipankar Kanti Dey said this.
He said, I informed the central leaders of Chhatra League about the post given in favor of Mamunul Haque. Later, a press release signed by President Al Nahyan Khan Joy and General Secretary writer Bhattacharya informed Fayez about his expulsion.
The statement said Fayez was expelled for his involvement in the organization’s anti-disciplinary activities.
According to district BCL sources, Fayez Marjan posted multiple posts on his Facebook account after the siege of Hefazat leader Mamunul Haque and his second wife at a resort in Sonargaon, Narayanganj. In the post, he spoke in favor of Mamunul Haque.