April 15, 2021


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Traders protest breaking lockdown in Sylhet

Traders have broken the lockdown rule in Sylhet. They staged demonstrations, rallies and human chains on Tuesday afternoon demanding the opening of businesses in compliance with health regulations.

A week-long lockdown has started across the country since Monday to prevent corona infection. All kinds of meetings and gatherings have been banned at this time. But ignoring the ban, traders took out a procession in front of Shukria Market in Zindabazar of Sylhet city at around 12 noon on Tuesday under the banner of ‘Businessmen of all walks of life in Sylhet’.

They marched to the court point and chained people. The human chain lasted for about half an hour. After that the traders came to Zindabazar point with procession and gathered.
Speakers at the rally said the backs of traders were stuck to the wall in the Corona situation. Due to the lockdown due to Corona, traders were deprived of doing business on Eid last year.

The business leaders said they have been refraining from doing business for almost a year considering the corona situation in the country and the common man. Now, if the business is closed down with the lockdown again, the traders will have to sit on the road. I have to die without eating with my family. So they demanded to open a business in compliance with the health rules.

Speaking at the rally – business leaders Fuad bin Rashid, Abul Kalam Azad, Azir Uddin, Kamal Uddin Chowdhury Makhan, Abdur Rahim, Md. Habibur Rahman, Mostafa Mehdi Hasan Khan, Shabbir Ahmad Lokman, Sohail Usman Gani, Jabedur Rahman, Shahnewaz Shakil, Jahangir Hossain Khan and Abdul Ahad among others.

BD Daily / Kalam

Businessman Shyamal Saha has taken his wife to India. From there he is calling Pallabi’s house in Dhaka to inquire about his son Amit. But no one is picking up the home phone. Mobile off. He can’t find his son’s friend Shihab on the phone in the flat next door. Doing tension. He called Shala and said, ‘Look at Krishna, go home. Why isn’t Amit picking up the phone! ’He was also with his nephew Amit. They came out of the house that afternoon after being together for several days. Krishan had planned to go home. But Krishan canceled the program for Bonjamai and went home. Surprised to go in front of the house! The door is open. Krishna went in panic. Amit called and went inside. Amit is hanging with the ceiling fan in the front room! Krishan shouted. People from nearby flats came running. The police were informed. The body was unloaded. Amit’s body was tied around his neck with a tie. The miscreants opened the cupboard and looted cash, gold and other goods. Amit’s parents came running from India. Police have launched an investigation and arrested the killer. Police recovered an empty bottle of liquor from Amit’s room. The police did not get any clue to assist in the investigation. In this situation, the police are very worried. This is what happened in November 2012. When the police went to investigate, they first suspected Mama Krishan. Because no one but him knew that Amit was alone. Police suspect that he could do this to loot the goods. He was detained and interrogated. Said, why did you kill Amit? Mama Krishan panicked at such a question. “Amit also went to India with his parents,” he said. But he left because he had exams at the university. Before that I was alone at home. Then I could loot the goods. Why should I kill him? ‘ Police learned that a girl had come to the flat before the murder. Amit’s friend Anika. The police found him. Anika said she went to the house and saw three other youths there. They were drunk. Amit has also been made to drink alcohol. But she had never seen Amit smoking before, Anika said – police are sure they are murderers. Anika says, ‘I got to see someone better. And I didn’t see the two of them well. The person I saw had a bangle in his hand. ‘The police kept all the notes. The police arrested the young man wearing a bangle and took him to the field. They did not have to go far. In the flat next door, Amit’s friend Shihab was wearing a bangle on one hand. Police arrested him. According to him, his friends Mintu and Rubel were arrested. The police interrogation started. According to the police investigation, after recovering the body, first one person was arrested from the four-storey flat of the building and according to the information given by him, two others were arrested. They lived in that house. When the house became empty, they came to Amit’s house and started chatting. They sit at home and drink. At one stage of intoxication, they started arguing. Then the three grabbed Amit’s nose and mouth. They tried to run the incident as suicide after killing Amit by suffocation. For this, Amit tied a tie around his neck, hung it with a fan and left the house. But when the tie was removed, Amit’s body fell on the bed. While fleeing the house, they opened Amit’s laptop and cupboard and looted some gold ornaments. These goods have been recovered. Amit was a BBA second semester student at Eastern University. Their village home is in Maijdi, Noakhali.