April 17, 2021


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Trinamool will use quarrelsome women as agents to stop BJP

In the first round of elections in West Bengal, India, the ruling Trinamool Congress could not provide agents in many booths in Nandigram. But so that this does not happen again, Trinamool chief Mamata Banerjee has said her party will hire agents for quarrelsome women if necessary. News Indian Express.

Meanwhile, before the third round of voting, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday launched a massive campaign. On the same day, he held meetings at Chunchura, Chindtala, Uttarpara and Bhangre in Hughli. Complaining against the BJP again from the first meeting Chuchura, he said that the Trinamool could not provide agents in many booths in Nandigram for fear of the BJP in the second round of voting. But this time it will not be.

‘Under no circumstances can you leave the booth and run away. The BJP or their military is intimidating, terrorizing, there is no excuse to leave the booth. If others do not sit, we will sit our daughters. Those who do Bangajani will be made agents. If that is the case, I will make the quarrelsome women of the party agents in all the booths. Let’s see how brave the BJP is! ‘Indian Express.
Mamata gave the roar of capturing Delhi again from the pinnacle of Hughli. Calling herself the Royal Bengal Tiger, Mamata claimed, ‘We have to play on the field tomorrow. The BJP has to clear the field. You have to vote in pairs. The riot destroyed the lotus flower.

Mamata claims, ‘Gujaratis will not rule Bengal, Bengalis will. Why the eight-point election? The election was held in two phases. What does the BJP want? Cleverness will not work. The BJP will want to stop because it has become cowardly. But this trick will not work.

When the election is taking place, it has to be done according to the schedule. Besides, the Chief Minister again complained that even though he applied to the Center for free vaccination in the state, the solution was not forthcoming. In his words, ‘You want people to die. I have repeatedly informed the central government in a letter that I will vaccinate everyone in the state free of cost. I will buy it from the center with whatever money it takes. But you are not giving.

More cautious Election Commission in the third round of voting: Today is the third round of elections. Voting in 31 seats in total. Of these, 6 are in Howrah, 18 in South 24 Parganas and 6 in Hughli. There are many more complaints in the second round of voting than in the first round.

Even the booth jam against the BJP, the ruling party accused of intimidation. The Election Commission also had to face the question. In this situation, the commission is more cautious before the third round of elections. There is extensive central security. To avoid unrest, the commission is deploying a total of 632 companies.

BD Daily / Abu Jafar

Sources close to the investigation say that it is still unclear whether the woman who was with Maulana Mamunul during his stay at the Royal Resort was in fact his wife. Several teams from different agencies including police are working to ensure the matter. Although the name of Maulana Mamunul Haque’s wife Amina Tayyab is mentioned in the registration form of the resort, her real name is Jannat Ara Jharna. Father is freedom fighter Oliyar Rahman. The village home is in Kamar village of Alfadanga police station in Faridpur. However, none of the villagers are aware of Jharna’s second marriage. Her father himself said that she got married to Hafez Shahidul Islam alias Shahidullah when she was nine years old. The house of the martyrs is Chitalmari in Bagerhat. He has two children in that family. They got divorced two and a half years ago.

Sources further said that after analyzing some of the conversations that went viral through social media, it was understood that Maulana Mamunul’s sister and first wife were not aware of his second marriage. However, it is being investigated whether the conversations are actually of Maulana Mamunul or not. Then Mamunul Haque came on Facebook Live and said that he was married to the wife of his close friend. This marriage has been a family affair.

The next day, she wrote on her Facebook status that it was a human marriage, and that she had tried to save the family before her husband divorced her. After the divorce, the girl fell into misery. At that time she married him.