August 4, 2021


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Loose lockdown

The clock strikes 10:45 in the morning. Eat it. The lorries carrying goods from Chittagong port are heading towards Dhaka. But there are many rickshaws in the corner. There are rickshaws on all sides of Zakir Hossain Road. Walking towards the ornaments, one can see a rickshaw assembly. Numerous rickshaws are standing. Lots of passengers too. Rickshaws seem to be waiting to take passengers to Dewanhat and Barapul. This image was not just here or in the ornamental corner area, but throughout the city.
On Monday, the first day of the lockdown, the number of people walking was also higher than last year’s lockdown. The shops were also open.
Going to Pahartali market area, it can be seen that there are a lot of people going to the market. Just as daily necessities were open, so were small factories. The iron locker factories on Port Connecting Road are seen working with workers. Various shops and garages were open from Nayabazar junction to Barapol.

Many people were also seen on the streets in Jamalkhan, Anderkilla and Newmarket areas of the city. But the passengers have traveled in rickshaws with double the fare. There are only people in the noise-free city of Sunshan. The city did not get mechanical touch. Occasionally one or two meet. However, they are reluctant to go to distant destinations in the city. Riding in these machine-powered transport means sitting on the king’s horse has become the same. Finding rent is four times or more. Those who have private cars are the only ones happy at the lockdown. There is no end to the suffering in the last lockdown of this mechanical city.
“I went to Hazari Lane for emergency medicine,” said Shahnaz Sultana, a Jamalkhan resident who took to the streets. Rickshaw rent has doubled. Lockdown means suffering. Even if there is no public transport, people are not coming out less. ‘
On the other hand, Bahaddarhat was visited on the spot at 11 o’clock in the morning. Although it was said to keep the raw market open in accordance with the health rules in the lockdown, in reality the picture could not be seen. At that time most of the vendors in Bahaddarhat raw material market did not have masks on their faces. Although there is a ban on eating in hotels and restaurants, shoppers are seen eating in most restaurants. Despite orders to close shopping malls and markets, many shops at Bakhtiyar and Swajan Super Markets and City Corporation Market in Bahaddarhat remained open. Despite orders to stop public transport, buses, tempos, CNG autorickshaws and lizard tempos were seen plying on the Shah Amanat Bridge and Chawkbazar Road from Bahaddarhat. As there is no public transport compared to the passengers on the road, it has been seen that these public transports are crowded.
Asked about the opening of the shop in defiance of government instructions, a trader from Bakhtiyar Market in Bahaddarhat, who did not want to be named, said, “Everything from garments and raw materials is open.” Corona is only in the clothing store or market? Garments or not in the raw market? Last year I suffered a lot of financial losses due to the lockdown. If you want to keep the shop closed in lockdown this year too, you have to eat. So I was forced to keep the shop open.
Around 1pm, the Chawkbazar area was visited and it was seen that the market was closed as per the government instructions but the car garage along with other shops were open on the side of the road. Police were seen in cars on the road at that time but no action was taken to close these shops. Buyers have also been seen sitting in food stalls taking food. Anagona of people on the road, CNG, seeing the movement of people on motorcycles did not seem to be in lockdown. Besides, rickshaw pullers have been seen at the tea tong shops on the side of the road eating and chatting with the pedestrians.
The same picture was seen around 2 pm at Pravartak Mor, Panchlaish Thana Mor and Muradpur. In the restaurants in front of Panchlaish police station, the customers were seen sitting and eating, but the administration did not play any role in this. Most of the crockery shops in Muradpur are closed but some are open. The lockdown was slow in most cases due to the movement of people and public transport on the roads. Although a lockdown was given to control corona outbreaks, conditions were normal on the first day of the seven-day lockdown.
On the first day, Executive Magistrate of the district administration Fahmida Afroz was in the field to supervise the lockdown. “There was a lot of movement on the first day,” he said. At the same time, the movement of CNG has been seen in some areas including oxygen. But people are coming out with doctor’s slips and various excuses. ‘
“I was a little relaxed since it was the first day,” he added. But gradually I will be more strict.
Note that lockdown is going on all over the country including Chittagong. The seven-day lockdown could escalate further in the future. Garment and industrial factories and various offices have been kept open under lockdown in Lockdown. Besides, people have been asked not to stay outside from 6 pm to 6 am the next day.

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