April 15, 2021


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Demonstration in Tangail demanding to keep the market and shopping mall open

Traders have protested in Tangail demanding that markets and shopping malls be kept open. The protest was held in front of the city’s cooperative supermarket at around 11:30 am today. The protest was attended by the general traders including the leaders of various market traders associations of the city. Upon receiving the news, Additional Superintendent of Police and officers in charge of Sadar Police Station along with law enforcers arrived at the spot.

Market leaders said our business has not been going well for a long time. Clothes have already been collected on the occasion of Eid. In this situation, if the shop cannot be kept open due to lockdown, we will have no choice but to sit on the road. I will abide by any hygiene rules announced by the government to keep the shop open.

Later, Additional Superintendent of Police Md Shafiqul Islam and Tangail Chamber President Khan Ahmed Shuvo appeared there and requested the traders not to protest in this manner. Advise to discuss with the Deputy Commissioner if you want to talk about any issue. Later the businessmen went for talks with the deputy commissioner.

BD Daily / Wasif

Six members of a Bangladeshi family have been killed in Ellen City, near Dallas in the US state of Texas. On Monday morning, Ellen City police received a telephone call and went to the house to recover the bodies of the brutally murdered victims. According to police, the two brothers committed suicide after killing their parents, grandmother and only sister.

Ellen City Police Sergeant John Fellie told the media that, most likely, such atrocities took place last Saturday. The situation was described on the Facebook status of a 19-year-old man. According to the police, there is a story of ‘suicide’, a series of frustrations.

“We went to work on Sunday as usual,” said Karen Fella, a neighbor in the family. Little did I realize that none of them survived. They have no idea about this family.
Fella said of the only young woman in the slain family, she was a very gifted student. My daughter went to school.

Another neighbor, Kevin Patel, 26, said he did not know much about them. But they seemed to be a happy family. When I returned from work at 8:30 am on Monday, I saw the presence of the police. I was surprised to know the facts.

Nahida Ali, secretary of the Bangladesh Association of North Texas, said in frustration that everyone was shocked by the news. The whole mourning community. Touhidul Islam (56) was a very good man. His wife Irene Islam Neelao, 55, also attended community events. All the time they were having an affair with their two sons Tanvir Touhid (21) and Farhan Touhid (19). Similarly, his arrogance towards the talented daughter Parveen Touhid (19) did not end there. Parveen studied at New York University. He was taken home from New York a week ago. Farhan was admitted last year to the University of Texas at Austin. Tanvir also studied at the University of Texas at Austin. This time it is about his graduation. But Farhan and Parveen were twins. Everyone in such a family would be exhausted at the same time এটি it was unimaginable. Tawfiq’s mother-in-law Altafunnesa (7) also had to die.

Altafunnesa was scheduled to return to Bangladesh last week. He postponed the tour due to corona complications. Nahida said, “If any relative of the unfortunate family does not take responsibility after finding the bodies after the police investigation, we will take steps to bury them at the initiative of the association.” This is our moral responsibility.

It is known that Touhidul lived in New York 6 years ago before settling in this city of Texas. His country home was in old Dhaka. Most recently, he worked for Citibank in Texas.

Shaheen Hasan, a well-known travel businessman known as Tauhid, the head of the family, said that for some reason Tauhid’s two sons were suffering from depression. In that suicide note, he (Farhan) mentioned that in 2016, while studying in the ninth grade, the doctor said that I was suffering from depression. That’s why I failed the test. I cut my body twice today. I’m in a lot of trouble. I remember on August 22, 2016, I cut my body with a sharp weapon like scissors. I felt unbearable pain. After that I cut my body with a kitchen knife for almost a day. I have found a way to alleviate the sadness of depression. In this situation three close friends of mine have left me. In desperation, I was admitted to the Department of Computer Science at the University of Austin. Then I thought that this time life is on the right track. In reality, that did not happen. Depressed again I bleed my body and go to bed crying. Find comfort in the fact that I have recovered. Just as normal as the others. But that never seemed to be true.

At one point, he wrote, the whole family would suffer for the rest of their lives if I committed suicide. I don’t want that. That’s why I involved my elder brother in the final decision to die with the whole family. The two brothers went to buy a gun. I will kill my younger sister and grandmother. My brother will do the parents. Then both of them will commit suicide. There will be no one to suffer.

In the note written on the eve of the suicide, he further mentioned that the issue of buying a gun is very trivial. The joke is going on everywhere in the name of gun control law. The elder brother went to the shop. He said that guns are needed for the security of the house. When the shopkeeper handed over some forms, the brother signed them. Then I got the desired object in my hand, with which I can easily alleviate my own suffering and the suffering of my family.

Meanwhile, Rehan Reza, former chairman of Fobana and founder-chairperson of the Democratic Caucus in Kansas, told this correspondent that parents need to be vigilant to prevent a recurrence of such a brutal situation. Such a tragic situation might not have arisen if proper medical measures had been taken in time. He also demanded an immediate gun control law.