April 17, 2021


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Jamaat’s news has been spread in the forest! Questions about Amit’s role

Double cross! Ghosts in mustard! After the death of about two dozen soldiers in a Maoist attack in Bijapur, Chhattisgarh, such a possibility is floating in the porch of the Home Ministry. Union Home Minister Amit Shah arrived in Chhattisgarh today, 48 hours after the attack. He held meetings with senior officials of the state and central forces. But the Congress leadership today raised the question of why Amit Shah, who has been campaigning for the past two days, should not resign as Home Minister over the moral responsibility for the incident.

For the last few days, intelligence has been coming that about 150-200 Maoists have set up bases in Jagargunda-Jongagura Tarem. Hidma of the year thirty-eight is under their leadership. The youngest member of the Central Committee of the Maoists and commander of the 1st Battalion of the People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army. The information from inside the forest was that the Maoists have organized to recover their lost land as the fall season has started in the forest like every other time. The CRPF, Cobra Force and District Reserve Guard of Chhattisgarh Police launched the operation on Saturday morning on the basis of a series of intelligence reports.

But after analyzing the whole episode of the operation, it is seen that the Maoists were getting trapped very cleverly. The main aim of the Maoists was to spread the word about the Maoist gathering and drag the jawans deep into the jungle. Sources said the source of the information was provided by the police, but it is believed that the information about the gathering was passed on to the central forces as planned by the Maoists.

Madvi Hidma
• Age thirty-eight years.
The house is in the eastern village of Sukma in Chhattisgarh. The forces have not yet been able to raid the village.
দক্ষ Proficient in English and various tribal languages. Some of the detectives claim that they have been trained in militant activities abroad.
ার Commander of the 1st Battalion of the People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army. The youngest member of the Central Committee.
যুক্ত Accused in various cases including attack on Congress leaders at Jiram Ghat, murder of MLA Bhima Mandvi.

Record of Maoist attack in Chhattisgarh

ঘটনা Incident: 48
মৃত্যু Death of a soldier: 101

ঘটনা Incidents of attack: 395
মৃত্যু Death of a soldier: 108

ঘটনা Incidents of attack: 363
মৃত্যু Death of a jawan: 130

ঘটনা Incidents of attack: 392
মৃত্যু Death of a soldier: 153

Until May 31, 2019
ঘটনা Incidents of attack: 129
মৃত্যু Death of a soldier: 38

Initially, it was believed that the jawans were not ready at the time of the surprise attack by the Maoists. The Maoists were waiting for the jawans in a certain area in the forest by tying the eight ghats. The death toll of Cobra Commando jawans, especially those accustomed to jungle warfare, suggests that a large part of the force was unprepared and targeted by about 400 Maoists. The forces also had no clear information on exactly how many Maoists had gathered there.

The Home Ministry claimed that about 15-20 Maoists were killed in the counter-attack. However, the Center has not yet been able to say exactly how many Maoists were killed as the Maoists were able to remove most of the dead bodies from the scene of the clash. However, the Maoists today claimed that CRPF jawan Rakeshwar Singh Manhas, a missing Jammu resident, was in their custody. He is healthy. After learning about the matter, Jawan’s wife Meenu Manhas today appealed to the Prime Minister to release her husband. According to sources, negotiations have started with the Maoists to secure the release of the jawan.

Condemning the attack, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi blamed intelligence failure for the damage. “One jawan after another has been killed by the Maoists,” he said. If there is no intelligence failure, there is not much damage. The whole thing is an inefficient operation. ”However, CRP DG Kuldeep Singh denied allegations of intelligence failure. “There was no failure in intelligence gathering or operational planning,” he said. “If intelligence had failed, more of our soldiers would have died.” The area is under the control of the Maoists. As a result, the Maoists naturally had a “tactical advantage”. According to sources, the Maoists carried out the attack with light machine guns from behind, increasing the casualties. But Rahul Gandhi’s question is, why shouldn’t there be bullet proof vests in the body of the expeditionary forces in the 21st century? Why is it so late to rescue the injured? Silent all sides.

The role of the Home Minister is also under fire in the whole incident. Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala said on the day, “If there was any other home minister, he would have resigned so soon.” The attack took place at 11 am on 3 April. For the next twenty-four hours the Home Minister was silent. On the contrary, at that time she became a former actress in Tamil Nadu