April 15, 2021


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Raipur Jatka hunting festival!

The festival of killing Jatka is going on freely in violation of government ban on Meghna river in Raipur of Laxmipur. In alliance with local unscrupulous fish traders, some fishermen are killing silver hilsa with the help of speeding motor boats.Prohibited current nets are being used for this purpose. Fishery experts are fearing that the production of hilsa may collapse due to the large number of jatkas caught this season. This is likely to disrupt the government’s desired hilsa production this year.According to various sources, large scale destruction of Jatna is going on in Charbhairabi, Jaliarchar, According to various sources,According to various s

ources,According to various sources, large scale destruction of Jatna is going on in Charbhairabi, Jaliarchar, Meghna Bazar, Babur Char, Hajimara, Kanibga, Charghasia, Puran Beri and Chander Khal areas of the surrounding Meghna river.Disobeying the ban of the administration, the sale of Jatka has been seen in the river areas of different fish ghats of the upazila. There are allegations that a syndicate of Charbhairavi is working on fishing.

According to a responsible source, there is a provision of imprisonment or fine and both for fishing in the river during the government ban. In that case, the Fisheries Department, the Coast Guard, the police administration as well as the UP administration of the river area were given the responsibility to issue government bans. But it is not fulfilling this responsibility properly.

If anyone is seen fishing on the way, action is taken only for them. Meanwhile, a syndicate boat with members of Charbhairavi is fishing in Raipur, said the chairman of the North Charbangshi Union Parishad. Abul Hossain Hawladar. He also said that two Coast Guard boatmen were involved with them.

Coast Guard Raipur (Haiderganj) camp contingent commander. Mamunur Rashid said, ‘Our campaign to preserve Jatka is continuing. Many boats, jatkas, fishermen and several lakh meters of current nets have already been seized in the operation. Our campaign continues every day.

BD Daily / Antra Kabir

After winning the majority of directorships, the BGMEA, an association of garment owners who make up the main source of export earnings, is set to be elected president. Farooq Hasan. Under his leadership, the Joint Council has won 24 of the 35 directorships in this election. On the other hand, ABM Samsuddin, the chairman of Hannan Group, lost, but the panel forum led by him won 11 directorships. The mother and son from the forum are discussing winning together, the wife of the late mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation Anisul Haque and BGMEA president. Rubana Haque and son Navidul Haque. This is the first time in the history of the organization. According to the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association-BGMEA election schedule, the newly elected directors will elect a president and seven vice-presidents on April 18. Then on April 20, he will take charge of BGMEA for the next two years in the period 2021-23. Earlier on Sunday, the unofficial results of the BGMEA elections were announced at midnight by the chairman of the organization’s election management board, Professor Farhat Anwar. He said the BGMEA had 6 per cent voters or 1,996 garment factory owners voting in the election. In Dhaka region 1,704 out of 1,753 voters cast their votes and in Chittagong region 392 out of 471 voters cast their votes. In contrast to the 35 director posts, 60 garment factory owners were selected from the two alliances. Sammilita Parishad party leader Farooq Hasan has won the election with the highest number of 1,204 votes. The second highest number of votes was elected to the forum candidate BGMEA current president. Rubana Haque.

Asked about mother-son responsibilities on the BGMEA board for the first time, Rubana Haque told the media, “As a mother, I hope my son will work on the BGMEA board with his education, dedication and honesty.”

BGMEA newly elected director Navidul Haque told the media, “I believe I was able to come to where I am today because of my parents.” I will never do anything that will tarnish their reputation.