April 17, 2021


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‘Awami League leaders and activists, even ministers have posted quoting Sharia law’

1. I don’t know whether I will be worried or surprised by the way everyone has started quoting the Qur’an, Sunnah and Islamic way of life after the Hifazat leader Mamunul’s resort scandal. Awami League leaders and activists and even ministers have posted on Facebook quoting Sharia law. It seems that everyone can survive if they can introduce Sharia law in the country at this moment.Author: Publisher and Editor, New Country.comAuthor: Publisher and Editor, New Country.com

2. The manner in which everyone has spoken out against Mamunul’s ‘women’s scandal’ does not seem to have been half-protested against the spread of extremism and violence in the name of religion. There was not much protest against the announcement of floating the Bangabandhu sculpture in the Buriganga. In Mamunul’s ‘women’s affairs’ incident, we also became the sepoys of each religion.

3. Crime in the eyes of the law – Mamunul did not do less. Let’s talk about them too. Let Mamunul face the law. When we try to heat up the field with Mamunul’s ‘women’s scandal’, we should not become the propagandist of Mamunul’s politics again.

Author: Publisher and Editor, New Country.com(Collected from Facebook)(Collected from Facebook)(Collected from Facebook)(Collected from Facebook)


After winning the majority of directorships, the BGMEA, an association of garment owners who make up the main source of export earnings, is set to be elected president. Farooq Hasan. Under his leadership, the Joint Council has won 24 of the 35 directorships in this election. On the other hand, ABM Samsuddin, the chairman of Hannan Group, lost, but the panel forum led by him won 11 directorships. The mother and son from the forum are discussing winning together, the wife of the late mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation Anisul Haque and BGMEA president. Rubana Haque and son Navidul Haque. This is the first time in the history of the organization. According to the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association-BGMEA election schedule, the newly elected directors will elect a president and seven vice-presidents on April 18. Then on April 20, he will take charge of BGMEA for the next two years in the period 2021-23. Earlier on Sunday, the unofficial results of the BGMEA elections were announced at midnight by the chairman of the organization’s election management board, Professor Farhat Anwar. He said the BGMEA had 6 per cent voters or 1,996 garment factory owners voting in the election. In Dhaka region 1,704 out of 1,753 voters cast their votes and in Chittagong region 392 out of 471 voters cast their votes. In contrast to the 35 director posts, 60 garment factory owners were selected from the two alliances. Sammilita Parishad party leader Farooq Hasan has won the election with the highest number of 1,204 votes. The second highest number of votes was elected to the forum candidate BGMEA current president. Rubana Haque.

Asked about mother-son responsibilities on the BGMEA board for the first time, Rubana Haque told the media, “As a mother, I hope my son will work on the BGMEA board with his education, dedication and honesty.”

BGMEA newly elected director Navidul Haque told the media, “I believe I was able to come to where I am today because of my parents.” I will never do anything that will tarnish their reputation.BD Daily / FarzanaBD Daily / FarzanaBD Daily / FarzanaBD Daily / FarzanaBD Daily / FarzanaBD Daily / FarzanaBD Daily / Farzana