April 15, 2021


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Demonstrations are still going on in the capital to open shops

The 7-day lockdown has been going on in the country since Monday due to the outbreak of coronavirus. As a result, naturally some people have to suffer for a while. As a result of the lockdown, people of many professions became unemployed. This time too many ordinary people are worried.

Shops and shopping malls will remain closed as per the government’s decision in the lockdown. But since yesterday morning, traders and employees of Gaussia-New Market have been protesting to open shops in Lockdown.

Traders in several areas of the capital, including New Market and Mirpur, have been protesting and human chaining since this morning.

Hundreds of traders are holding a human chain program with banners around Mirpur-10 at around 11 am. They demanded that the shops be kept open for a short period of 7 to 8 hours.

Habibur Rahman, who took part in the human chain, said, “How can we live with our family. If the shop is closed, the way of earning is also closed. So the request to the government is to open the shop, even if it is in a small range. ‘

Shah Ali Plaza shoe trader Zahurul Haque said, “Six people in my family depend on small shops. So how will we go if this shop is closed. The government should make arrangements to open the shops, markets and shopping malls even if it is for 7 to 8 hours. ‘

On the other hand, shop owners and employees are protesting in the New Market area of ​​the capital demanding the opening of the market. Later, the police went and tried to remove them from the road.
Naval police and fire service personnel have recovered the bodies of six more people from morning till noon on Tuesday after a passenger launch sank in Narayanganj after being hit by a lighter ship in the Shitalakshya river. A total of 35 bodies have been recovered.

A passenger named MV Sabit Al Hasan, who left the Narayanganj launch terminal last Sunday evening, was pushed by a lighter ship named ST-3 and sank.

There were about half a hundred passengers in the launch that crashed. At around 12:30 pm on Monday, BIWT’s rescue ship Pratya hauled the launch, which sank from a depth of 35 feet, to the shore. A total of 30 bodies were recovered from Sunday night to Monday afternoon. The rescue operation was later declared over.

After the missing bodies were found floating in different places of the river on Tuesday morning, the fire service personnel reached the spot and recovered the bodies of 6 people. After identification, the bodies will be handed over to the relatives.