April 14, 2021


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Administration in the streets with masks in Laxmipur

Administration officials and people’s representatives in Laxmipur have taken to the streets to prevent coronavirus infection and implement lockdown. On Monday (April 5), they carried leaflets and miked at various important points and markets at traffic junctions in five upazila cities, including district headquarters and Raipur, and put masks on pedestrians. UNO Sabreen Chowdhury (mobile court) has imposed a fine of Tk 18,300 in 10 cases in Raipur for not following the government’s instructions.

According to the police and the administration, the government has given 11-point instructions to prevent corona infection. To this end, distribution of masks, distribution of leaflets, regular miking and police operations in various places are continuing. Efforts are being made to shift the raw markets of Raipur, Ramganj, Kamalnagar and Ramgati, including Sadar and Chandraganj in Laxmipur, to open areas. The police and the administration are working to ensure that no crowds gather anywhere. Every shopping mall will be closed on lockdown. If anyone does not follow the government instructions then necessary action will be taken by the police and upazila administration. The campaign will be continued to make the people aware including pedestrians to follow the health rules including distribution of masks and leaflets among them.

Laxmipur Superintendent of Police AHM Kamruzzaman said the police campaign would continue for the people to abide by government directives. Arrangements will be made to take the raw material to the open space in the lockdown. This will facilitate compliance with hygiene rules in the market. Legal action will be taken to prevent public transport from running. Shopping malls with shop windows will be closed. If anyone disobeys government instructions, the police will work to get them to comply.

Lakshmipur-Deputy Commissioner Anwar Hossain Akand said, “We can stop, in the flood of will power, in every house we build forts to raise awareness.” Such campaigns will continue in the public interest.

RAB-11 has arrested Mohammad Zahir Hossain Prakash Mizi, 45, a driver of a chocolate company called ‘Nex Food Beverages’ from Laxmipur BSCIC area with foreign liquor and around Tk 3 million in cash. However, the company’s chief executive officer (CFO) Mohammad Osman Gani Mintu, 56, was involved in drug trafficking but his private car was seized.

Additional Superintendent of Police Khandaker Mohammad Shamim Hossain, company commander of RAB-11’s Laxmipur camp, confirmed the matter in a press release on Monday (April 5).

The arrested Md. Zahir Hossain Mizi is the son of late Abdul Hashem Mizi of Chardukia village in Faridganj of Chandpur district. He currently lives in Sahapur area of ​​Laxmipur municipal town. Fugitive (CFO) Md. Osman Gani Mintu is the son of late Dr. Gias Uddin of the same area of ​​Laxmipur.

It is learned that the reputed Dhanya ‘Vaiya Group’ of Bangladesh has set up a factory called Nex Food Beverage Industries Limited with a huge plot in Laxmipur BSCIC Industrial Area. Md. Osman Gani Mintu is the Chief Executive Officer (CFO). For a long time, he and his driver Md. Zahir Hossain Mizi had been running a drug business with foreign liquor.

On Sunday (April 4), RAB-11 secretly raided the BSCIC industrial area in Laxmipur. At that time, they arrested the driver Md. Zahir Hossain Mizi from the two-storey building of a person named Rakib adjacent to BSCIC. He was found with 5 bottles of foreign liquor, 2 plastic bottles containing 400 ml. Foreign liquor, a mobile phone, their used black Toyota Harrier private car and cash for sale of drugs 29 lakh 93 thousand 500 rupees.