April 14, 2021


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22 businesses burnt to ashes in Nilphamari fire

Twenty-two businesses have been burnt to ashes in a devastating fire at Baravita Bazar in Kishoreganj upazila of Nilphamari. The amount of loss in this incident has caused huge financial loss to the traders, they said.According to the fire service and the victims, the fire started from the electric shot circuit around 8:30 am on Tuesday. In a moment the flames of the fire spread. The fire, which lasted for about an hour, burnt to ashes various items including shop clothes.BD Daily / Abu

Upon receiving the news, 4 units of Kishoreganj and Jaldhaka Fire Service went to the spot and managed to bring the fire under control after trying for half an hour. Amirul Islam Sarkar, deputy assistant director of fire service Nilphamari, confirmed the matter.

The circumcision of the period is formed through circumcision and the true outline of the period is revealed. Apart from this, there is no other way to determine the true form of the period. For example, if people, cows, goats, sheep, birds, cats, dogs, and monkeys were kept in one place, what could be the way to identify them? In each of these, the invisible soul is active, so it is not possible to gain identity through the soul. Yes, an experienced person can easily get to know the identity of everyone as soon as he sees the appearance and shape. Yes he who is stupid, stupid or drunk may be unable to understand. In Darwin’s theory, man is an advanced form of ape. His invention was once admired but now rejected. The one-time philosopher Darwin is today known as irrational, confused. Darwin has lost his greatness and will continue to lose his greatness by falling behind the skeleton, excluding the divine identity in the form of Jahri. But an ordinary person can tell by looking at the circumcised beard whether he is a Muslim or not?

The circumcision of the Prophet determines the outline of the righteous period. Therefore, the importance of circumcision is immense. If there is no body, then where will the soul express its action? So just as the importance of the body for the action of the soul is immeasurable, so is the importance of circumcision for sincerity in deeds. Because circumcision is basically the material for making the body of the period. Circumcision without circumcision is the name of bidat. And just as shirk destroys faith, so does bidat destroy deeds. Such importance of Sunnah is proved by the hadith of Bukhari. In a hadith, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, ‘He who prays like us, faces our Qibla, eats the meat slaughtered in our way, is a Muslim. He is under the protection of Allah and His Messenger. So don’t interfere in that security. ‘

According to this hadith, prayers can be performed in two ways- a. Praying according to the Sunnah of the Prophet. B. Praying the Sunnah of the Prophet. There is ample information in the Qur’an-Hadith and the events of its predecessors about the rewards and consequences of both. The Qur’an says, ‘Recite the Book revealed to you and establish prayer! Surely prayer forbids indecency and abomination. ‘
Prayer according to sincerity and sunnat not only cleanses the body and soul, but also causes light to enter the heart. Another name for this is insight. This prayer will give light in the grave, in the resurrection, in the pulsirat in very darkness. That is why prayers have been called light in Muslim hadith. It is narrated in the hadith that prayers will be an effective advocate for the prayers in these difficult moments.

Authors: Amir, Al Hayatul Ulaya and Befaqul Madarisil Arabia Bangladesh.


BD Daily / Wasif