April 14, 2021


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Owners-employees protest to open shop in Newmarket

Owners and employees took a stand in the New Market area of ​​the capital on Tuesday (April 6th) demanding a limited range of markets and businesses. However, they were not allowed to open the shop.

Meanwhile, the mobile court of North City Corporation has started a campaign to abide by the hygiene rules in different raw material markets of the capital. At that time he was fined for not following the government instructions.

The government has instructed to keep shops and shops closed for seven days. However, after protesting for two days demanding that these businesses be kept open, there was no solution. They demanded permission to open the shop in compliance with the hygiene rules ahead of Eid.

The shop owners said that if they allow it to open till 5 pm, the shop owners will be able to do some shopping. Let’s open a shop this season. Then even if we stay at home there will be no problem.

Meanwhile, trade was going on in the raw markets of the capital as before. The mobile court in North City was named in the operation as there was no health problem. The shops in Banani-Gulshan area were shifted to open spaces on the instructions of the executive magistrate. At this time, not wearing a mask and not following the hygiene rules are fined.

Dhaka North City Corporation Executive Magistrate Mohammad Abdul Hamid Mia said that as per the government’s instructions, all the raw markets here will go to open space. We are penalizing those who do not follow the hygiene rules.

According to the shop owners’ association, the work of removing the shops to the open space will be completed soon as per the directions of the mobile court.

Malaysian police is looking for 3 Bangladeshis
The country’s immigration department has called for information about five people, including three Bangladeshis, for violating immigration laws in Malaysia. Local time On Tuesday (April 6), a search warrant was issued for five people, including three Bangladeshis, by posting pictures of them on local social media and Malaysian social media.

A notice has also been issued on the official page of the Malaysian Immigration Police seeking the cooperation of the general public.

These three Bangladeshis are- Mohammad Anis (36) Passport Number: BR0486438, Kauser Hossain Majhi (29) Passport Number: BK0865423 and Alam (41) Passport Number: BR0596186. The names of Imtiaz Khan of Pakistan and Mohammad Becha Safir Ali of India were also revealed.

The statement said that if there is any information about the whereabouts of the persons mentioned, the direct investigating officer, Deputy Senior Assistant Director of Immigration (TPPI) Mohammad Faizal bin Bustami, Operations Division, Investigation and Prosecution, Headquarters of the Immigration Department of Malaysia: To inform the number by phone during office hours.

Authorities are seeking information from the public to help them provide information to a court of law in a number of lawsuits under Malaysia’s Immigration Act under Act 155 of the Immigration Act 1959/63, the statement said.