April 14, 2021


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The names of teachers and officials martyred in the liberation war will be given priority in renaming various establishments of DU

Eleven prominent citizens of the country have issued a statement calling for renaming various establishments of Dhaka University and giving names of teachers and officers-employees martyred in the liberation war on priority basis.A statement issued by Nasir Uddin Yusuf said, “We have learned from the recent news published in the newspapers that the decision has been taken to name the medical center to be built by Dhaka University in the name of a businessman of the country in exchange for payment.” No decision was taken at the syndicate meeting when protests were raised on the issue. Even then the vice chancellor said. A letter of consent has been issued to the businessman with administrative approval from Akhtaruzzaman’s office.
We are outraged by this incident and are drawing the attention of the highest echelons of the government to the matter. At the same time, we wish a proper settlement in the syndicate meeting.
Our expectation is that the various installations to be built on the centenary of Dhaka University and the golden jubilee year of the War of Liberation should be named after the martyred professors and officers of 1971 and especially the Medical Center should be named after the martyred Dr. Mohammad Mortaza.

The statement givers are Abdul Gaffar Chowdhury, Hasan Azizul Haque, Shamsuzzaman Khan, Sarwar Ali, Mofidul Haque, Mamunur Rashid, Muntasir Mamun, Shahriar Kabir, Abdus Selim, Nasir Uddin Yusuf and Abed Khan.
BD-Daily / Salah Uddin

The night of the 15th of the month of Shaban claims significance. Rizik and wealth were distributed on this night. Life is increased or decreased. Nafl worship should be done more and more on the night of mid-Shaban. There is more reward in performing Nafl Ibadat in one’s own house. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) performed naafil worship in his house. It is narrated in the hadith of Ibn Majah and Bayhaqi, ‘Allah first ascended to heaven that night and called out to the people,‘ Is there any sinner among you who will ask forgiveness from Me, I will forgive him. If any of you ask me for sustenance, I will give him sustenance. If any of you are sick, let him ask me, and I will cure him. Thus Allah continued to call the servant till Subeh Sadiq. Then any prayer will be accepted. ‘

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: Rajab is the month of Allaah, Shaaban is my month and Ramadaan is the month of my Ummah. The month of Shaban has a special status in Islamic law. Shaban protects from sin, Ramadan purifies people. Shaban is said to be the month announcing the arrival of Ramadan. Hazrat Usama (ra) narrates, ‘One day I asked the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) why he fasted more and more in this (Shaaban) month. He replied, “People give more importance to the two months of Rajab and Ramadan and also fast.” But the middle one ignores this month. But in this month the deeds of the servant are presented in the court of Allah. My wish is that I fast while presenting my deeds to Allah. That is why I fast more and more in the month of Sha’ban. ‘Musnad Ahmad, Nasai, Abu Dawood. Hazrat Abdul Quader Jilani (ra) in his book ‘Guniyatut Talibin’ said that Ayesha Siddiqa (ra) heard the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) say that in four nights including Shabebarat, Allaah opened the doors of His mercy for the people of the world. The door of mercy is open for His servants from sunset on 14 Shaban to Fajr on 15 Shaban. The importance and virtue of this night’s worship is immense. Gabriel (peace be upon him) once came to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and said, ‘O Messenger of Allaah! You get up, pray and pray to Allah. Because it is the night of 15 Shaban. On this night, Allah opened the door of 100 mercy for His servants. You pray for your ummah. Narrated from Hazrat Ali (RA). The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, ‘When the night of the 15th of Shabaan (the night of the 14th day) comes, spend it in worship and fast the next day.’ See Sunan Ibn Majah.

Author: Researcher on Islam.

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