April 14, 2021


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Gas supply stopped in Narayanganj

Titas has cut off gas supply to Narayanganj without any prior notice. Gas has been shut off in residential and industrial areas of the city since Tuesday morning. As a result, the customers have fallen into extreme suffering.

This information was given in a press release sent by the Deputy Chief Information Officer of the Ministry Mir Mohammad Aslam Uddin around 10 am on Tuesday.

According to Titus, there is an urgent need to repair. They are hoping that the gas supply will be normal by 2.30 pm. The state minister for energy has directed to speed up gas supply.

According to a notification sent by the ministry, several valve leaks were observed at Siddhirganj-Godnail RMS and Godnail TBS around 10 am on Tuesday. Gas supply to Narayanganj and Munshiganj areas had to be temporarily cut off due to emergency valve replacement. Gas supply will be normalized as soon as the valve replacement work is completed.

Titus Director (Operations) Shafiqul Islam Khan said, “We have been forced to shut down the gas on an emergency basis. Thus we usually do not turn off the gas line. Gas supply will return to normal by 2.30 pm.

The director of Titus has apologized to the customer for this temporary inconvenience

Traders blocked the road at Shailkupa in Jhenaidah on Tuesday morning demanding that businesses be kept open in the lockdown. At that time, they chanted the slogan ‘I will not obey the lockdown, I will not obey’. Their hour-long blockade created heavy traffic on the road.

Ordinary people later suffered in it. Later, in an one-hour ultimatum given by Shailkupar Municipal Mayor and Chairman of the Market Committee Kazi Ashraful Azam, the traders lifted the blockade and stood in front of their businesses.

Market trader Hasmat Ali Hira said they were trying to turn around after a long lockdown. Again in a week of lockdown they will be at a loss and do not understand how to repay the loan installment. That’s not the reason for the lockdown, they want to do business in compliance with hygiene rules.

Regarding the road blockade of traders, UNO Kaniz Fatema Liza said that she has sat down with Municipal Mayor Kazi Ashraful Azam to discuss the demands of traders.

Meanwhile, Shailkupa police sub-inspector (SI) Amiruzzaman said police had been sent to the market to protest the unpleasant situation. The matter is being seriously considered.