April 17, 2021


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The state of the raw market in the lockdown

Although there are instructions to keep the raw market open in the open during the lockdown to prevent corona infection, it has not yet been implemented in the capital.

On Tuesday (April 8) morning, the capital’s Karwan Bazaar was seen trading in a dirty environment. There is no visible step to follow the hygiene rules. However, buyers and sellers in the market say that everyone should take care not to be cautious.

There is no shortage of supply in the raw market as the movement of food trucks is normal even in lockdown.

One buyer said that the hygiene rules should be strict. As such, no one is following the hygiene rules. With that the market is getting crowded a lot.

Another buyer said people are reluctant to wear masks. People do not want to wear masks. If people wore masks properly, if they followed proper hygiene rules, then the number of our corona infections would be much less.

It may be mentioned that there are 26 listed markets of the city corporation in the capital.

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Traders are protesting for the second day in a row in the capital’s New Market area on Monday (April 5th), demanding a limited market-shopping mall.

They said they would have to sit on the road if they could not do business ahead of Eid-ul-Fitr. Police, however, they continued to protest.

Lockdown, shops all closed; But the traders appeared in front of their respective businesses. They gathered on the street in front of several markets in the capital, including New Market and Gauchia. The demand is the same, the markets and shopping malls should be opened for a certain period of time by making the hygiene rules like industrial and office-court compulsory. Unable to do business last Ramadan, the burden of debt is still on their heads.

The shop owners’ association claims that if they are not able to do business in Ramadan again, it will be their responsibility to pay the salaries of the employees. They want to be allowed to trade even if it is for some time of the day according to the hygiene rules.

Police barrier demonstration of the road, but they are. Police are deployed to control the situation. Police members in front of these markets said the lockdown was effective. The shops are closed and we have been informed about the demands of the traders. The next instruction will work.

A case has been filed with the Newmarket Police Station against an unidentified accused for vandalizing a car during a protest on Sunday, said the ADC of Newmarket Zone.

Meanwhile, Cabinet Secretary Khandaker Anwarul Islam told the Secretariat on Monday afternoon that the next decision on the lockdown would be taken on Thursday (April 8).

Every day Kovid is breaking new records of infection. The procession of death is also increasing. In February, the infection rate in the home jumped from 2 percent to 23 percent. When the public health management is about to collapse due to the corona, Bangladesh is in lockdown again year after year.

The government has issued a circular announcing a one-week lockdown to prevent such an outbreak of corona in the country. The notification was issued by the Cabinet Division on Sunday (April 4).

Earlier, on March 8 last year, when the first corona patient was identified in the country, the government sat motionless. After the news of the first death on March 16, a general holiday was declared to deal with the Corona situation. The holiday, which began on March 26 last year, lasted until May 31. A year later, the government took a similar decision to deal with the infection. As a final step in controlling the infection, the nationwide lockdown began at 8am on Monday for a week.