April 15, 2021


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A concerted effort is needed to prevent the moral decay of the young society

Friendships and social connections are an integral part of the lives of today’s young generation. But due to the increasing busyness in modern life, young people are choosing social media for communication.Conventional social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are giving them a chance to talk effortlessly. On the other hand, the comparatively new platform is giving them the opportunity to express their creativity and show their latent talents through the spontaneous participation of Likei and Snapchat.

In recent months, various news items have spread across the country about how social media has become a tool to incite ‘moral decay’ among the youth. The reports suggest that teenage gangs are clashing with each other over dominance through social media, which has caused concern in various quarters.
Social media platforms are giving young people the opportunity to create interactive channels and create interesting content for followers. It enables young people to express their creativity and showcase their skills in front of countless people in the virtual world.

It is worth noting, however, that social media can attract attention in less time and gain quick but fleeting pleasure. This ability to attract attention quickly and the tendency to gain momentary pleasure can make them so accustomed to the process that they often run the risk of going astray.

Young content creators are always looking for fancy ways to attract their viewers. Some content creators have millions of visitors. Sometimes they become so desperate to maintain their popularity that their activity becomes uncontrollable. This behavior can be a threat to their social status, security. When something like this happens, naturally most quarters blame social media. But is it right or fair to blame all social media platforms for such incidents?

Although short video platforms like Laiki are new, they are already very popular among the youth of Bangladesh. At the same time, these have become the subject of in-depth discussions. As these platforms are creating huge opportunities, there is also talk of what kind of problems can be caused by their irresponsible use. They are also influencing each other in creating social and lifestyle trends.

The question is, how can the problems that Bangladesh is facing now be dealt with. There is no way to ignore the issues mentioned above. Like cyber bullying, families, educational institutions and the government should take joint initiatives to teach young people how to behave through social media.

It is the responsibility of the society to educate the youth about the proper use of internet and social media so that they can learn about the ways of positive development with their help and benefit the society. Can’t solve the problem by blaming the platform. Social media can conduct awareness campaigns and ban obscene content; However, it cannot prevent young people from forming real-life gangs, fighting among themselves or engaging in immoral activities.

Social communication platforms have been created to facilitate communication. By popularity it has become a place through which influencers can help people, people can demonstrate their skills, businesses can do much more, including reaching out to customers. The responsibility of keeping the young society safe and dealing with juvenile gangs is not just a platform, it is the responsibility of the whole society and the country.


BD Daily / Antra Kabir