April 17, 2021


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Flash on iPhone Thirteen!

Apple is making big changes to their next iPhone series – this news has already caused a stir. Among the users, various questions are circulating, “How will the iPhone-Thirteen be?”It is known that the new iPhone may come to the market by September this year. Meanwhile, the world famous magazine Forbes has published some great new information about the design of the new iPhone.

Apple is building their new iPhone based on a brand new design. The iPhone Thirteen is expected to look a lot different than the iPhone Twelve. Citing a YouTube channel called Everything Apple Pro, Forbes reports that this year’s iPhone is going to have a number of changes in the sound, design and camera, and some of the changes have already been confirmed. Apple will now release a matte black version of the iPhone’s Thirteen Pro and Thirteen Pro Max.
Which is a lot like the Phantom Black of the Samsung S Twenty-One. This color phone from Samsung has become very popular. They also said that there will be some changes in the lineup of the iPhone Thirteen Pro version. One of them is to add more advanced coating. So that no kind of fingerprint gets stuck in the stainless steel frame.

In addition, the size of the notch of all models of the iPhone Thirteen will be reduced. In addition, more advanced ‘noise cancellation’ will be seen during phone calls. There will also be a completely redesigned rear camera.


BD Daily / Wasif

According to the latest global research by Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation, Bangladesh is set to become the 26th largest economy in the world in terms of GDP by 2030. The current position of Bangladesh is 42nd. The report, titled The World in 2030 Our Long-Term Projection for 65 Countries, shows that between 2018 and 2030, Bangladesh’s economy will grow by 16 steps in terms of location, which is higher than any other country. Bangladesh is followed by the Philippines, Pakistan, Vietnam and Malaysia in this list of economic development. In terms of growth, Bangladesh has more potential than developed country Norway, the report said.

HSBC’s long-term development model shows that by 2030, Bangladesh’s economy will grow at an average rate of 7.1 percent per year. Which is the highest among the 75 countries mentioned in the report. This year, ADB Bangladesh’s GDP growth rate has been 7.13 percent, which is the highest among Asia Pacific countries. According to Spectato, a review from 2009 to 2019 shows that Bangladesh’s growth rate during this period is 16 percent. At the same time, Ethiopia grew by 160 percent, China by 16 percent, India by 121 percent and France by 42.1 percent.

At present there are at least 10-12 mega projects running in the country. Work on the Padma Bridge is 62 per cent complete, Karnafuli Tunnel 62 per cent, 48.63 km elevated expressway from Dhaka Airport and Uttara-Motijheel Metrorail more than 60 per cent completed. The work of these two mega projects is expected to be completed by 2022-23. With the help of Japan, a new bridge has been built over the Meghna-Gumti river, which is wider than the previous one. Besides, communication system has been developed by constructing innumerable bridges of less than 1500 meters length on different rivers of the country. Itna-Mithamin-Astragam 40 km road has been constructed for the development of communication system in Haor area of ​​Kishoreganj district. A plan has been taken to build a 12 km elevated road to connect Mithamin with Kishoreganj. After the commissioning of the Padma Bridge, the Dhaka East-West Elevated Expressway will be connected to the Dhaka-Aricha and Dhaka-Mawa highways to the Dhaka-Chittagong road to reduce traffic congestion in Dhaka city. Pigeon Seaport, Matarbari Deep Seaport and Matarbari Coal-fired Power Plant, Rampal Power Plant and many other mega projects are underway, which is giving a positive boost to employment and economy during the Corona period.

According to the World Economic Forum’s Inclusive Development Index IDI 2018, Bangladesh is 26 steps ahead of India and 13 steps ahead of Pakistan in the Inclusive Development Index. The report has been published judging the annual economic activities of 103 countries of the world. The three criteria of the economy are growth and development; They prepare the report on the basis of inclusion and intergenerational sustainable management of natural and financial resources.

If the current trend of economic growth and development continues, Bangladesh will reach Qatar, a developing country, by 2024. Not only has the income of the people increased, the average life expectancy of the people has also increased. The size of the budget has increased by a record amount. Dependence on budget implementation is also decreasing. Infrastructural development is visible. Bangladesh’s capacity to implement big projects is also increasing. Bangladesh can now show the audacity to do mega projects like Padma Bridge with their own money. Its own satellite flew in the sky. The country’s broadcasting activities are going on with the pictures obtained from its own satellite. Bangladesh’s progress in the field of information technology is also enviable. In the last one decade alone, about one million people have been employed in the IT sector. It is expected that another one million jobs will be created in the next five years. Poverty is declining as employment increases. Bangladesh is now the 44th largest economy in the world in terms of GDP. 33rd in terms of purchasing power. And considering the pace of economic growth, Bangladesh is now in the second position in the world.

Bangladesh’s economic progress is now an example for many countries in the world. Economically and socio-economically, Bangladesh has surpassed almost all the countries in South Asia in most of the indices. It has surpassed low-income countries long ago. The International Monetary Fund recently released a report saying it was highly significant. Bangladesh is now an exemplary country in terms of inclusive growth. As the World Bank, this progress of Bangladesh has been given special importance. They have recently presented a table showing that Bangladesh is advancing faster than South Asia and other low-income countries in 10 of the 12 major indicators of development. Our golden Bangladesh will be free from hunger, poverty and exploitation through joint efforts, let it be the pledge of all on the golden jubilee of independence.

Author: Additional Commissioner, Custom House, Benapole