April 17, 2021


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Sajane data bumper yield in Bogra

Data bumper crop has been harvested in summer vegetables in Bogra’s Adamdighi upazila. Due to favorable weather and no natural disasters, this time the production has been higher than last year. Sajan does not have a pair as a curry, so it is appreciated everywhere. Sajan farmers are smiling as there is a huge demand for sajan in the whole country.being exported to different parts of the country including the capital Dhaka.being exported to different parts of the country including

They have also made a lot of income by selling vegetables to Sajon. In Adamdighi Upazila, a lot of data has been collected from trees in villages and ganjas. Imports have also doubled in the market. There is a huge demand for Sajane data in the local market. The delicious and nutritious sajna data is being sold locally as well asĀ undreds of maunds of data are being imported from any hat bazaar of the upazila every day for a week. Although the price is a little lower than last time, it is being sold wholesale at Rs 1,200 to Rs 1,300 per ounce.
Rakibul Hasan Sujan in Santahar Yard Colony of the upazila has made a financial profit by selling 3 of his trees to Sajon. Besides, Sohail Rana, a grocer from Santahar village of the upazila and Likhan Chandra Sarkar, a stationery worker from Majhipara village of the upazila, have earned around Tk 15,000-16,000 by selling a few manas around the house. Sajone data is more nutritious and tasty than other vegetables so people of any age love to eat Sajone.

According to doctors, sajna vegetables contain calcium, mineral salts, iron, protein and sugary foods. In addition, vitamin A, B and C rich sajane data is extremely beneficial for the human body. Sajone Data is also widely used as a medicinal vegetable as it prevents various diseases of pregnant and maternity mothers for body nutrition. In addition, the bark and leaves of the sajna tree are effective in preventing hemorrhage, stomach cramps and high blood pressure, doctors said.

Sajane data is mainly of two species. One of these species is found three to four times a year. Locally it is called Raikhanjan. Other species are found only once a year in the summer season. There is no need to take any special method for cultivation of sajna. No separate land is required for this. Sajna trees can be planted on any fallow land, pond edge, road or dam edge, backyard and even in any empty dry place in the city. It does not require any seeds or seedlings. Sajane tree grows only after cutting the branches of the tree and burying them in the ground.

One of the large and medium varieties is found in 6 to 7 maunds of sajna in a sajna tree. Many people are making a financial profit by selling the land in the market by meeting the demand of the house by planting data pulses on the fallow land, roadside, yard or in the corners of the house in the city. Many people have become interested in cultivating sajna commercially as they get more income without any cost. Especially as the soil, water and climate of this upazila are suitable for cultivation of sajna, sajna is being produced in large quantities everywhere in this upazila.

Bogra’s Adamdighi Upazila Agriculture Officer Mithu Chandra Adhikari said Adamdighi Upazila has suitable soil and climate for cultivation of sajna everywhere. There is ample opportunity to become financially self-sufficient by cultivating sajna commercially. Jobs for unemployed farmers will be created through the creation of economic activities.

BD Daily / Abu Jafar