April 15, 2021


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Bus stop, extra fare is being counted

Tuesday (April 7) is the second day of government restrictions in effect. The government has imposed strict restrictions across the country to prevent corona infection. As a result, bus services have been suspended across the country, including the capital. However, private cars, CNG-powered autorickshaws and other vehicles are running. Rickshaws are also running. Passengers in these transports have to travel with extra fare.

Meanwhile, people going to the office and going out for emergency work are in trouble as the bus service has been stopped. They have to travel to their destination by CNG-powered autorickshaws, bikes or rickshaws due to transport crisis.

Even though the buses are closed, there is a lot of traffic on the roads of the capital. There is a lot of movement of people on the streets. Even though the big shopping malls are closed, the daily necessities shops are open. On Tuesday morning, Rampura, Karwan Bazar, Asadgate, Dhanmondi, Kalabagan, Science Laboratory and New Market areas of the capital were visited.

Riaz Hasan working in a private company was going to Gulistan from Rampura. He is going in a rickshaw as there is no bus. But as he grows up, he has to share the rickshaw with another person. He said that he was suffering because he did not have a bus. You have to enter the office at the specified time. Autorickshaws grow more. Rickshaw pullers also took the opportunity to increase fares. As a result, he has to share it with others.

Regarding the hygiene rules, Riaz said, “No one is following the hygiene rules except wearing a mask. Corona cannot be prevented in Dhaka city just by stopping the bus. ”

Another passenger, Farzana Ahmed, said, “Women are in more danger because the government has stopped buses. They can’t go by rickshaw or CNG by sharing with everyone. Being forced to pay more rent. ”

Meanwhile, with the increase of the day, the pressure of private cars on the road is also increasing. Private cars have been attached to staffbuses, motorcycles and rickshaws of various offices. Traffic jams have also been reported in several places in the capital.

Meanwhile, there is no shortage of awareness among the general public about compliance with hygiene rules. Although most people wear masks, there is indifference in respecting social distance. Visiting the Kawran Bazaar in the capital, it is seen that there are crowds of people in the raw market and related streets as usual. Magistrate, the news of the arrival of the police, even though the shops are closed, the shutters are going up again when they leave.

Meanwhile, traders in the New Market area are protesting for the third day demanding shoplifting.