April 17, 2021


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Drug dealers including Yabash arrested

A drug dealer named Abdul Karim (28) has been arrested in a raid in Guatala village of Tarakanda in Mymensingh. Tarakanda police arrested the drug dealer along with 120 pieces of yaba from his house around 8pm on Monday.The detainee was identified as Abdul Karim, son of Abdul Hekim of Madhyapara village in Goatla upazila. He was sent to Mymensingh court around 12 noon on Tuesday with a drug case filed in his name at Tarakanda police station.

Tarakanda OC Abul Khair Sohail confirmed the incident and said the government has declared war on drugs. There is no discount in this regard. Such campaigns will continue.
BD Daily / Abu Jafar

Four people were killed in the police-custody clash. Mamunul Hawkera knows very well that violence does not happen if the body is not found. They have been doing politics to confuse people with religious incitement for a long time. This time they are doing so, the microphone of the mosque in Brahmanbaria is announcing that ‘it is permissible to kill those who are Awami League, Chhatra League, Juba League who are not Muslims’. This video has already hit the media. Imagine if the mosque, which is a place of worship, a place of worship, is being used as a sanctuary for communal terrorists. They are using this mosque to carry out terrorism. The same is true of Baitul Mukarram, the place of prayer which is already being used as a place to keep weapons.

Hefazat-e-Islam clashed with the police on May 5, 2013 while stockpiling weapons at Baitul Mukarram. This time, Baitul Mukarram witnessed the sound of weapons. Ordinary worshipers can no longer go to Baitul Mukarram in fear. Because every Friday this national mosque is now used for politics by Hefazat-e-Islam. This devastation reminds us once again of May 5th, reminds us of that bloodshed, that vandalism, the torment of the descendants of that anti-national Razakar Al-Badr.

Today they are chanting slogans in front of Baitul Mukarram, ‘Bengal will be Afghan, we will be Taliban’! If we have to hear such slogans in this Bangladesh in the fiftieth year of independence, it seems that everything is useless; Such a rich history, the loss of three million lives, the sacrifices of millions of women are faded by the boasting of these fundamentalists!

Only opposition to Narendra Modi is the main reason here or there is a different reason behind it. Many questions, even before Narendra Modi came to Bangladesh, stayed in Bangladesh for about three days, no one protested then, then no one took to the streets to create such anarchy! So what is the reason for this sudden opposition to Modi!

If Bangladesh invites any country to the golden jubilee of independence, then no one seems to have any doubt that that country will be India. Because the country that has given overall support to our epic liberation war is India. India has provided comprehensive assistance, ranging from providing shelter to one crore refugees, meeting their daily needs for nine months, donating weapons and training during the war. In fact, the main center of our liberation war was in India from where intelligence, advice, weapons, techniques all came. But we saw that whenever the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi was invited to the golden jubilee of independence, destructive activities started immediately. If you think this is because of Narendra Modi, then you need to clarify one thing.

Hefazat-e-Islam said as a reason to oppose the arrival of Narendra Modi, Modi was the instigator of Gujarat riots and anti-Islam! If this is the reason, then why did Hefazat-e-Islam not protest when Narendra Modi visited Bangladesh in 2015 as well? Then why did they not take to the streets? Or was he in hibernation then? After so many days, they suddenly felt that Narendra Modi was responsible for the Gujarat riots! It is clear that Gujarat or anything else is not the main reason behind Narendra Modi’s opposition. If Gujarat or anti-Islam was the main reason, then there would be opposition centering on Modi’s visit in 2015. Why Narendra Modi is just an occasion can be understood only by bringing a few issues to the fore.

Just as the government has already announced the celebration of the Golden Jubilee and the birth centenary of the Father of the Nation, Hefazat-e-Islam has long been on a mission to turn the festival into a hellish torment. Basically, they gave a dress rehearsal of today’s devastation last year. On the birth centenary of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, they struck the first blow on the sculpture of Bangabandhu. Since Bangladesh and Bangabandhu are complementary to each other, if Bangabandhu had not been born, Bangladesh would not have existed.

Hefazat-e-Islam leader Allama Mamunul Haque, son of Razakar of 1971, announced to throw the sculpture of the father of the nation in Buriganga. The issue of this sculpture then created a volatile situation in the whole country. Hefazat-e-Islam selectively attacked the sculpture of Bangabandhu in the dark of night and vandalized memorials of the liberation war in various places. One thing is noteworthy here, Bangladesh has been independent for 50 years. No question has been raised about sculpture in these 50 years, religion has not been harmed due to sculpture in these 50 years but now suddenly the sculpture of the father of the nation has become a big issue for them. If the sculpture of the father of the nation is not thrown in the Buriganga, their religion is going away!

After the sculpture issue, Hefazat Islam attacked Shalla. Hefazat-e-Islam inflicted their second blow on the core consciousness of the liberation war by attacking the Hindu community in Shalla. The practice of secularism and non-sectarianism that the state of Bangladesh wants to attack in Shalla is tantamount to a direct declaration of war. Although Mamunul Haque’s followers attacked the people of the Hindu community in Sunamganj based on a Facebook status, the attack was originally planned, the Facebook status was just an excuse. In the attack of Shalla, 6 Hindu houses were vandalized and set on fire, 6 temples were vandalized and looted. The day before the incident, there was a rally of Hefazat-e-Islam in Shalla where Babungari and Mamunul Haque came. They incited the people there with hate speech against the Hindu community and the result was an attack on the Hindu community in Shalla. Despite the video footage of the attack