April 15, 2021


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Lockdown traffic jam

The lockdown announced by the government is going on all over the country. Tuesday (April 6) is the second day of the lockdown.

A large number of private cars, rickshaws and battery-powered autorickshaws have been seen on the roads of the capital since this morning. Three roads and intersections were jammed on most of the roads. Besides, traffic signals have also been jammed.

Around 7 am, the capital’s Mirpur, Shewrapara, Agargaon, Chandrima Udyan, Vijay Sarani, the Prime Minister’s Office and Mohakhali area were visited – all types of vehicles except public transport are moving on the road. Although there is no traffic jam in the capital as usual today, there is a lot of traffic pressure at different points. Long queues of vehicles were seen at traffic signals at most points of these spots.

Besides, Mohakhali, Nabisco, Satarasta, Magbazar, Bailey Road, Kakrail, Nightingale Junction and Paltan Junction areas of the capital were visited around 11 pm. Long car lines at three lanes and traffic signals at intersections. Several jams have also been observed.

The government has announced a nationwide lockdown from Monday (April 5).

The forecast also said that the weather may change slightly in the next 3 days.

Most of the western light pressure is located in West Bengal and adjoining areas. The weather across the country may remain mainly dry with temporarily partly cloudy skies.

The highest temperature recorded in the country on Monday was 38.4 degrees Celsius in Khepupara of Patuakhali. The highest temperature recorded in Dhaka was 33.8 degrees Celsius.

More than 150 people have been killed in flash floods and landslides in Indonesia and neighboring East Timor so far. Many people are still missing. Rescue workers are working to rescue them.

The torrential rains have caused extensive damage in areas from the Indonesian Flores Islands to East Timor. Many houses have been submerged. Thousands of people have fled their homes and taken refuge in safe places.

Rescue and search operations are also underway on Tuesday. Tropical Cyclone Seroja creates sudden storms, rains and floods. Thousands of people have been devastated by the disaster.

Indonesia’s disaster management agency says 130 people have been killed so far. Meanwhile, officials in East Timor said 28 more people had died there. This tiny island is located between Indonesia and Australia. The country’s capital, Delhi, was inundated by the floods. Most of the deaths were in Delhi.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo expressed his condolences to the victims and victims of the disaster. He advised the general public to follow the advice of the officials during bad weather.

Sixty people are still missing in Indonesia. As a result, the death toll is expected to rise further. “Our idea is that many are still buried,” said one official.

However, it is not clear how many people are still missing. The rescue operation is still going on. Meanwhile, many who are staying at home in the midst of this disaster have needed food, medicine and blankets.

Hospitals, bridges and thousands of homes have been damaged in Indonesia. Raditya Jati, spokesperson for the National Disaster Management Agency, said the weather would remain bad for the next few days.

During the monsoon season, flash floods and landslides are common in Indonesia. Earlier in January, flash floods killed 40 people in the town of Sumedang in West Java province. At least 11 people were killed in a landslide in Borno state in September last year.